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Introducing the Data School with Professor Joe Hellerstein

March 16, 2020

Looking for an overview of what’s changing in data management? Wondering about the new rules of the road in an era of cloud databases, machine learning and the democratization of analytics? Interested in guidance on architectures and strategies for orienting your business around data-driven decisions and processes?

I’m excited to bring you the first entry in a series of monthly videos we will be releasing to explore the big shifts in data management, how to make sense of it all, and where to go from here. (I might also play a little Clifford Brown).

What the Data School is all About

The Data School will be an ongoing educational resource for professionals who work with data, people who work with data systems and managers who define data strategies. Given the significant transformations happening in analytics and data management, I wanted to create an outlet to share what we’re seeing in the market working with innovative customers and partners, and also a view of future tech from my seat as a computer science professor at UC Berkeley.

To give you a sneak peak into the series, some of the big topics will include:

  • Technology and market shifts in data infrastructure
  • Democratizing data access: UI innovations for data management
  • Organizational and use-case shifts for data in modern business
  • Changing architectures for data infrastructure

We had a lot of fun putting together this series and we hope you’ll enjoy as well.

– Joe

PS: If you like your school really technical, you can try my undergraduate course videos on database systems from Berkeley, go even deeper with the notes from my graduate course, or taste the bleeding edge research from my team and the labs I’m affiliated with at UC Berkeley: DSF and RISELab. Or you might just enjoy this song about transactions.

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