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Interactive Data Visualization

July 27, 2016

Interactive data visualization tools that deliver your data in a graphically compelling, easy-to-understand way is critical for navigating today’s complex sea of data. Every part of your organization now requires interactive data visualization to make decisions and to do strategic planning.

There was a time when just displaying data in a spreadsheet with a few pie charts was enough. Today, however, complex data requires interactive visualization to communicate its message in a way everyone can understand.

Interactive Data Visualization: A Compass For Modern Data Sailors

Most people can’t draw insights from raw data alone, while large datasets prohibit users from viewing it all one screen, anyway. Presenting the data graphically using data visualization tools helps people of all technical abilities easily digest complex data. At the same time, interactive data visualizations can reveal patterns and insights in large data sets from many sources that were previously available only to those with advanced technical skills.

Trifacta: A Catalyst For Interactive Data Visualization Tools

Here are just two excellent tools that make it easier for companies to add data visualization to their business intelligence.


D3.js or data-driven documents is a popular data visualization tool. In fact, one of Trifacta’s co founders, Jeffrey Heer, helped develop D3.js! It uses CSS, SVG, and HTML to offer effective diagrams and charts. D3.js has a ton of features, offers a high level of interactivity, and is free and open-source. But while D3.js is powerful, it can take time to master.


Tableau is the industry leader in interactive data visualization tools, offering a broad range of maps, charts, graphs, and more graphical data presentations. Both the free and paid versions of Tableau are excellent, which is why Trifacta partnered with them to combine best of breed data transformation and data visualization. Using Trifacta to transform raw data from sources like Hadoop, Tableau’s powerful data visualization tools can be put to their highest and best use. Your analysts can then spend more time doing what they love: solving problems, instead of cleaning data. More information about Trifacta and Tableau’s partnership is available here.

Trifacta: The Wind In Interactive Data Visualization Sails

Interactive data visualization is a vast ocean with numerous vessels available to steer you towards actionable insight.  No matter what tool you use, Trifacta can help put the wind in your interactive data visualization sails—getting you to actionable insight faster, and more reliably, than ever before.  

Trifacta was designed from the ground up to help reduce data cleaning and preparation time by: enabling better assessment of data sources, offering smart extraction that learns preferences over time, and providing easy to use, intelligent, beautiful interactive data visualization that improves data understanding for your entire organization.

For more information on how Trifacta partners with Tableau to seamlessly transition from data wrangling to data visualization, visit our partner page.