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How IN-RGY Implemented Trifacta on AWS to Help Payment Processing Provider Wrangle Data 70% Faster

June 18, 2019

Automation is the growing focus of many organizations. Taking processes that have been traditionally done manually and automating them frees up time for analysts to be proactive in decision making and become more efficient. At the end of 2018, Trifacta’s partner IN-RGY had one of their clients approach them with an initiative to standardize all of their credit card data into a new reporting system in order to automate payment processing. To make this task even more challenging, the client had a hard deadline which was only 2 months away.

This specific IN-RGY client provides payment processing and information management services to commercial and government vehicle fleets throughout the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Europe. The client’s analysts were using Excel to standardize third party data received from vendors and customers prior to onboarding it into their reporting system. This labor-intensive process took 2-3 weeks to process 2,000 records. For the new initiative the client approached IN-RGY with, they estimated that using the current processes would take 6-7 months. So how on earth did they meet the 2-month deadline do you ask?

Mohammad Siddiqui, Practice Director – Cloud Automation at IN-RGY, was tasked with leading this project and delivering by the deadline:

“I recognized that using Excel would not allow our client’s analysts to work with the large amounts of data required, quickly standardize the data and automate the process to run on its own. I searched for platforms that we could use to meet this deadline. I called up a friend of mine who worked at Trifacta and asked him to show me what it does. As soon as I saw it, I knew this was the solution we needed.”

“Our client is an Amazon Web Services customer, so we were easily able to obtain Trifacta through the AWS Marketplace. In fact, while Trifacta was being installed and hardened by the IT team, I used Trifacta’s free Wrangler edition to get started and not waste any time. When the Trifacta AWS environment was ready, I simply exported my flows from the free Wrangler edition and imported them to Trifacta Wrangler Enterprise and kept working.”

“Not only were we able to meet our deadline early, but we were able to reduce a 7-week process down to 1-2 weeks. In fact, the success of this project has led more analysts to look at Trifacta for a possible solution.”

A Technical Analyst at IN-RGY’s client, who will be working on one of these new projects recently went through Trifacta training for the first time:

“As a technical analyst in the financial industry, I am constantly consuming, reorganizing, and transferring data and information. This data can start as raw text in chaotic spreadsheets, lengthy SQL query results, complex transactional items, or basic integer totals. I am comfortable using multiple programs and systems to collect and assemble my source data, and then processing it through other applications. I was quickly in awe of the power and speed of Trifacta, and easily started using it for immediate needs. I can see the value of many Trifacta features immediately, and I have only started to explore and learn what it has to offer. I could go on and on, but I have to get back to wrangling data.”

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Happy Wrangling!