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Immediacy Shows Real Importance at Strata San Jose: Trifacta’s Event Recap

April 7, 2016

Last week, we attended Strata + Hadoop World 2016 in San Jose, a short jaunt from our San Francisco headquarters. Not only were we excited to meet with attendees and learn from engaging sessions, but we came bearing big news—we launched Photon, an enhancement at the core of our data wrangling interface that provides users with a richly interactive experience on large in-memory datasets. Powered by Photon, Trifacta delivers a wealth of immediate feedback and intelligent suggestions every time you interact with it.

The Growing Importance of Immediacy

Photon fulfills a growing demand for immediate interactions with data, and that trend was palpable at Strata Hadoop, whether it’s real-time analytic performance, ingestion or immediate feedback. Sessions such as “Real-time fraud detection using process mining with Spark Streaming” or “Lessons learned building a scalable self-serve, real-time, multitenant monitoring service at Yahoo” demonstrated that this topic was clearly trending.


At our booth, we had a lot of conversations about Photon and what it means for user experience and performance, but more specifically how these improvements drive better business practices. At Trifacta, we understand that there is a direct correlation between the speed of end-users’ data wrangling, and the value an organization actually gets out of its data. We’re excited to see teams develop more efficient processes and agile decision making as a result of Photon.

To learn more about the Photon release, read our blog post by co-founder Joe Hellerstein!


Metadata was another popular topic at Strata San Jose this year, and our own Wei Zheng, VP of Products at Trifacta, helped drive the conversation. With help from Mohan Sadashiva, VP of Products at Waterline Data, and Mark Donsky, Head of Data Management Solutions at Cloudera, she presented “Wrangling, Metadata, and Governance: Supervision vs. Adoption.”


The session explained how data-wrangling solutions not only enable users to explore and prepare diverse data in Hadoop for analysis, but also ensure that the metadata and data lineage created through this process are appropriately tracked and visible to others in the organization. When utilized effectively, metadata can help foster greater sharing and collaboration across users, boost productivity of data wrangling and analysis, and solve administration challenges of data lake governance.

To learn more about Trifacta’s take on metadata, read our blog post, “Why a Data-Driven World Needs a New Approach to Metadata.”

A Maturing Market

In comparing Strata + Hadoop World 2015 vs. 2016, it was obvious that the overall big data ecosystem has matured. For one, there was a huge increase in the amount of vendors! We noticed a roughly 30% increase, which is a great indicator of market growth, while O’Reilly-sponsored events have also expanded worldwide to Singapore, Beijing, and London. It’s obvious that organizations across the globe are prioritizing big data efforts.
What’s more, the conversations we had with participants had matured, too. This time around we were answering less and less questions about what a data lake is and how to implement it, but instead talked about how to drive value with a data lake and the necessary applications to implement along with it. It was exciting to witness so many people progress in their big data journey!

Looking Ahead

Attending events is always a great way to connect with people about the data challenges that their organizations face. We hope you were able to stop by our booth or attend one of our sessions! To learn more about Trifacta, register for our webinar, “The Self-Service Solution: How Business Users are Wrangling Data for Competitive Results,” hosted by Trifacta co-founder Joe Hellerstein and Michele Goetz, Principal Analyst at Forrester Research. Hope to see you there!