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Guest Post – Self-Service is Key to Unlocking the Potential of Big Data

July 28, 2016

Keylink Technologies is an Australian-based software company that allows users to manage the exploding volumes of data from customer, product, financial transaction and other sources from today’s era of Big Data. These expert data wranglers have shared their thoughts on Trifacta Wrangler and are gracious enough to let us repost their original blog post on self-service data preparation here for you to read. Learn more about Keylink Technologies here

Have you ever felt like you’re wading hip-deep through a swamp of data issues – missing values, incorrect product id’s, conflicting standards and worse?

Do you often find you have to manually update individual records and fields to wrestle a data source into some kind of usable format for analysis, and found yourself thinking – there has to be a better way?

The problem is all too common – skilled data analysts and data scientists are in short supply, yet up to 80% of their time can be spent on data preparation activities like structuring, cleaning and enriching data to make it more useful and usable by business users.

Imagine if there was a tool that allowed less technical users to prepare and discover data themselves – a tool that assumed only the kind of knowledge that it takes to manipulate an Excel spreadsheet – the lingua franca of the business world today.

We think Trifacta Enterprise may just be the tool for unlocking the full potential of the modern data architecture, driving adoption of big data across the organisation and allowing business users to make immediate practical use of the enterprise data lake without waiting days, weeks or months for the overworked IT team to deliver on their requirements.

It really is best to try out the amazing Trifecta user experience for yourself, but just to highlight some of our favourite features:

  • Trifacta delivers one of the first applications of machine learning that directly benefits end users – the interface adapts to your usage patterns, making commonly used functions immediately available and continually improving user efficiency over time.
  • Dynamic previews of data operations (splits, joins, extracts etc) provide users with immediate visual feedback on their current operation, giving a feeling of directly manipulating large data files in real time that we have yet to see with any other tool.
  • Continuous data profiling means that by default users see immediate visual feedback on the screen with easy to understand graphs and charts regarding data anomalies, missing data and common values – no additional menus to drill through or buttons to click.

This quote from Sanofi, a global healthcare company and Trifacta customer sums up the benefits rather nicely:

The business benefits of Trifacta are exactly the one’s that we all espouse. Number one, it doesn’t require a highly skilled data analyst to operate the software and we can really put this in the hands of anybody. Automating the data curation aspect has a massive benefit because I can get the data scientists to work on the really hard stuff instead of working on the data cleansing. Number two, I can put in the hands of the average front line business person, something that can let them do a lot of the ’what if’ modeling without having to ask an overburdened resource like a data scientist. The rapid implementation of course makes it all the better. To me, besides the user friendliness, the one resounding positive that I heard again and again was how quickly people were able to go from, I’ve got this amount of data to I’m actually doing something with it. — Mr. Brian Ellermen, Head of Scouting and Innovation, Sanofi

Trifacta customers have discovered all kinds of use cases for this software like complex fraud detection, creating a 360° view of customers, identifying and managing risk, compliance and regulatory reporting.

Discover what it can do for your organisation with the free Trifacta Wrangler today.