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Google Launches Public Beta of Cloud Dataprep, Built in Collaboration With Trifacta

September 21, 2017

Google recently announced that Google Cloud Dataprep—the new managed data wrangling service developed in collaboration with Trifacta—is now available in public beta. This service enables analysts and data scientists to visually explore and prepare data for analysis in seconds within the Google Cloud Platform.

Now that the Google Cloud Dataprep beta is open to the public, more companies can experience the benefits of Trifacta’s data preparation platform. From predictive transformation to interactive exploration, Trifacta’s  intuitive workflow has accelerated the data preparation process for Google Cloud Dataprep customers who have tried it out within private beta.  

In addition to the same functionality found in Trifacta, Google Cloud Dataprep users also benefit from features that are unique to the collaboration with Google:

  • True SaaS offering
    With Google Cloud Dataprep, there’s no software to install or manage. Unlike a marketplace offering that deploys into Google ecosystem, Cloud Dataprep is a fully-managed service that does not require configuration or administration.
  • Single Sign On through Google Cloud Identity & Access Management
    All users can easily access Cloud Dataprep using the same login / credential that they already used for any other Google service. This ensures highly secure and consistent access to Google services and data based on the permissions and roles defined through Google IAM.
  • Integration to Google Cloud Storage and Google BigQuery (read & write)
    Users can browse, preview,  import data from and publish results to Google Cloud Storage and Google BigQuery directly through Cloud Dataprep. This is a huge boon for the teams that rely upon Google-generated data. For example:

    • Marketing teams leveraging DoubleClick Ads data can make that data available in Google BigQuery, then use Cloud Dataprep to prepare and publish the result back into BigQuery for downstream analysis. Learn more here.
    • Telematics data scientists can connect Cloud Dataprep directly to raw log data (often in JSON format) stored on Google Cloud Storage, and then prepare it for machine learning models executed in TensorFlow.
    • Retail business analysts can upload Excel data from their desktop to Google Cloud Storage, parse and combine it with BigQuery data to augment the results (beyond the limits of Excel), and eventually making the data available to various analytic tools like Google Data Studio, Looker, Tableau, Qlik, Arcadia Data or Zoomdata.
  • Big data scale provided by Cloud Dataflow
    By leveraging a serverless, auto-scaling data processing engine (Google Cloud Dataflow), Cloud Dataprep can handle any size of data, located anywhere in the world. This means that users don’t have to worry about optimizing their logic as their data grows, nor have to choose where their jobs run. At the same time, IT can rely on Cloud Dataflow to efficiently scale resources only as needed. Finally, it allows for enterprise-grade monitoring and logging in Google Stackdriver.
  • World-class Google support
    As a Google service, Cloud Dataprep is subject to the same standards as other Google Beta product &  services. These benefits include:

    • World class uptime and availability around the world
    • Official support provided by Google Cloud Platform
    • Centralized usage-based billing managed on a per project basis with quotas and detailed reports

Early Google Cloud Dataprep Customer Feedback

Although Cloud Dataprep has only been in private beta for a short amount of time, we’ve had substantial participation from thousands of early private beta users and we’re excited to share some of the great feedback. Here’s a sample of what early users are saying:  

Merkle Inc.
Cloud Dataprep allows us to quickly view and understand new datasets, and its flexibility supports our data transformation needs. The GUI is nicely designed, so the learning curve is minimal. Our initial data preparation work is now completed in minutes, not hours or days,” says Henry Culver, IT Architect at Merkle. “The ability to rapidly see our data, and to be offered transformation suggestions in data delivery, is a huge help to us as we look to rapidly assimilate new datasets.”

Venture Development Center

“We needed a platform that was versatile, easy to utilize and provided a migration path as our needs for data review, evaluation, hygiene, interlinking and analysis advanced. We immediately knew that Google Cloud Platform, with Cloud Dataprep and BigQuery, were exactly what we were looking for. As we develop our capability and movement into the data cataloging, QA and delivery cycle, Cloud Dataprep allows us to accomplish this quickly and adeptly,” says Matthew W. Staudt, President of Venture Development Center.

For more information on these customers check out Google’s blog on the public beta launch here.

Cloud Dataprep Public Beta: Furthering Wrangling Success

Now that the beta version of Google Cloud Dataprep is open to the public, we’re excited to see more organizations achieve data wrangling success from the launch of  the public beta of Google Cloud Dataprep. From multinational banks to consumer retail companies to government agencies, there’s a  growing number of customers using Trifacta’s consistent transformation logic, user experience, workflow, metadata management, and comprehensive data governance to reduce data preparation times and improve data quality.  

If you’re interested in Google Dataprep, you can sign up with your own personal account for free access OR login using your company’s existing Google account. Visit to learn more.

For more information about how Trifacta interoperates with cloud providers like Google Cloud and with on-prem infrastructure, download our brief.