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Feature Highlight: Alerts

December 9, 2019


There are two new Alerts features in the most recent release of Trifacta: Webhooks and Email Alerts. Alerts allows all users and stakeholders in Trifacta to keep up to date on job completions and be alerted when fresh, clean data is ready for use. Webhooks allow you to connect to third party applications to send notifications upon job completion. Email Alerts will send emails upon job completion. Let’s take a look. 


New to Trifacta, Webhooks are a standard messaging method between web applications using HTTP REST protocols. Through the Trifacta application, you can design messages to be delivered to external applications on the success or failure of your jobs. For example, you can design a Webhook message to post to a Slack channel when a scheduled job succeeds. 

In the above, a message has been crafted to be delivered to a Slack channel that has been configured to receive the Webhook message. In this example, whenever a job is executed from this flow, the contents of the Body textbox will appear as a message in the designated Slack channel. I’ve gone ahead and set up this webhook to send to my personal Slack. I get a message from Trifacta Bot any time a job completes:

Email Alerts

Also new to Trifacta is Email Alerts. When a job completes, flow owners, flow collaborators, and other stakeholders can receive email notifications for job completion or job failure. 

Trifacta will send a notification with job details like the Job ID, Job Status, Flow name, run time, and more.

Being able to automatically track all of your scheduled jobs is an important part of any data pipeline. With Webhooks and Email Alerts, you can inform stakeholders that fresh data is ready for use from within their favorite third party applications and broaden general awareness of Trifacta within your organization. 

Want to try for yourself? Sign up for Trifacta for free today!


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