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Why ESADE MIBA Students Learn to Use Trifacta and AWS

November 5, 2020

The MIBA programme at ESADE focuses on how data-driven technologies are reshaping the world. We approach this transformation from three different perspectives: Business, Data Science, and Engineering. In the real world, the engineering part related to data sciences is progressing quickly thanks to the democratization tools and platforms that allow companies to streamline and industrialize data science projects. We teach our students how to use some of the market leading solutions such as Trifacta, AWS or

For the business world, we believe that Data Science is being transformed into Data Engineering. The gap between Data Science in the lab and deploying Machine Learning in a real-world environment is huge. Thus, the industry requires professionals that understand data science but also know how to deploy actionable ML models in production, and at scale. Therefore, our goal at ESADE is to educate professionals with a data science vision and the required data engineering skills. Solutions such as Trifacta enables the productization of data science adding more engineering and operational capabilities, which are essential for non-technology companies to keep up with the leaders in the field.

In this video, Prof. Manu Carricano and I highlight the main motivations of teaching data-driven technologies with leading industry tools to equip our students with the necessary data engineering skills.