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Trifacta is #1 in Dresner’s End User Data Prep Market Study

March 6, 2017

Today, Dresner Advisory Services unveiled its third annual End User Data Preparation Market Study that provides an in-depth review of the usage trends and feature requests taking hold in the data preparation market. As this market continues to mature, we’ve watched Dresner’s findings shift year-over-year to reflect an increased recognition and use of data preparation. For our team at Trifacta, it’s exciting to not only see our own customers leverage data preparation to drive more value from their data, but to see increasing demand from the broader market.

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The study also evaluates leading data preparation vendors, and we’re excited to announce that—for the third year in a row—Trifacta claimed the top ranking! It’s a huge point of validation to be consistently recognized as a leader. Dresner’s evaluation, which considers usability, integration, output, data manipulation, and deployment features, is further validation of the success that we’ve seen amongst other industry analysts, our Wrangler users and our enterprise customers.

We invite you to review the results of this study by downloading the full End-User Data Preparation Study from Dresner Advisory Services. Here are a few of the highlights:

  • Two-thirds of all respondents say end-user data preparation is either “critical” or “very important.”
    This is a huge percentage but, what’s more, about 88% of respondents say end-user data preparation is, at minimum, “important” and just 3% say it is “not important.”
  • Across three years of data collection, respondents report overall improvement to their data preparation approach, which indicates maturation of the market.
    The number that report “highly effective” use reaches 18 percent in 2017, while “somewhat effective” organizations reach 56 percent, both all-time highs. In the same time period, fewer organizations report “somewhat ineffective” or “totally ineffective” use of the technology.
  • A feature added in 2017, “immediate preview and feedback,” debuted as a top requirement and is at least “very important” to almost 80 percent of respondents.
    On top of that, “visual user interface” and “technical expertise not required” are also very important to large majorities of respondents. As a self-service data preparation tool built around an interactive visual experience, and geared toward nontechnical end users, this was extremely validating for us to hear.
  • The most important data prep deployment features are scheduling/reviewing transformations and the ability to iteratively sample data.
    As this study indicates, it’s just as important to execute data preparation as it is to develop a repeatable process, and one that can be shared and iterated upon for the best results.

Once again, we’re honored to have received this recognition and are excited to play a key role in the continued development of the data preparation market. To download the the full End-User Data Preparation Study from Dresner Advisory Services click here

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