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Data Prep in 2021: More Important Than Ever, Says Dresner

March 16, 2021

Anniversaries are on my mind.

One year ago, just as Trifacta HQ was shifting operations from our San Francisco office to our homes in response to COVID-19, we received some exciting news: Trifacta was ranked the #1 data preparation vendor by Dresner Advisory Services for the fifth time in a row since this independent research report was first published in 2015, recognizing data preparation as a stand-alone space.

And now, here we are, one year later. We’re still working remotely, and we’ve done it again. I’m pleased to announce Dresner ranked Trifacta as the top data preparation vendor in its 2021 Data Preparation Market Study. 

It’s always an honor to be recognized by Dresner because of the size and scope of its research. They leave no stone unturned. For this particular study, Dresner surveyed a diverse cross-section of 6,000 organizations worldwide, as well as crowdsourcing and vendors’ customer communities, to review data preparation market trends, dig deep into end-user requirements and features, and rank 24 data preparation vendors.

I encourage you to read the full report, but here are some highlights:

  • Data preparation ranks among the Top 5 most important technologies and initiatives strategic to business intelligence. Sixty-three percent of organizations viewed data preparation as important, with 65 percent saying it’s “critical” or “very important”. Data preparation is right up there with reporting, dashboards, data integration, and data warehousing. 
  • Data preparation is becoming more ubiquitous. Sixty-five percent of respondents “constantly” or “frequently” make use of data preparation. 
  • Users are becoming more discriminating about features. “Save-and-preview” and “automated detection of anomalies” are the top must-have usability features.
  • Hybrid deployment models are popular now, but the shift to cloud is inexorable.  Across a wide variety of industries, support is strong for cloud and on-premises deployment and shifting to cloud.

These highlights confirm what Trifacta has known all along: If you’re going to turn increasingly diverse and constantly changing data into unique, high quality data products that drive competitive advantage for your organization, data preparation is essential. 

Trifacta is committed to making the work of data engineering easier for you. If you move, structure, clean, or pipeline data to drive critical enterprise decisions, you’re doing the work of data engineering, regardless of your job title. (Shameless plug: You should come to Wrangle Summit 2021, the first conference dedicated exclusively to data engineering, hosted by Trifacta and Google Cloud.) 

The release of the 2021 Data Preparation Market Study from Dresner Advisory Services and Trifacta’s #1 ranking for the sixth year in a row make me proud. In spite of all the challenges 2020 presented, Trifacta buckled down and focused on making the work of data engineering faster, more efficient, and more intuitive. We are more committed than ever to building a self-service platform for modern data workers like you to improve quality and streamline operations as you on-board, assess, and refine raw data.