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Democratizing Cloud Data Management with Trifacta and Snowflake

June 4, 2019

We’ve seen a momentous shift towards cloud computing. Organizations are increasingly favoring agile, scalable, cloud platforms like Snowflake’s Zero-Management Cloud Data Warehouse. Simultaneously, we have seen a change in the structure of teams looking to empower domain and information experts with the tools needed to tap into diverse data ripe for novel insights. At the forefront of this movement are Trifacta and Snowflake, pairing agile, self-service data preparation with Snowflake’s scale and flexibility to keep up with modern business demands. Today, we are excited to announce native support to become first cloud data preparation platform for Snowflake.

As a result of this shift, we have reached a critical point where the competition for differentiated data is a driving force behind the success of companies in all industries. This topic is well covered. The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Harvard Business Review and MIT Sloan Management Review all acknowledge the difficulty organizations are having in preparing high quality data in a timely manner. This shortcoming prevents organizations from leveraging the value of their technology investments and maximizing the value of the data available.

In order for companies to keep up, those who embrace data-driven business decisions must have access to the data they need, and must have tools at their disposal to transform that data into its final state for reporting, analytics and machine learning. At the same time, many organizations are wary of the potential compliance, governance, and security nightmare of letting data leave central platforms onto desktop applications. Trifacta and Snowflake erase those concerns by empowering data professionals to gain access to the data that will drive new insights and prepare it to be fit for purpose, all in a cloud native environment that is tightly governed.

True democratization is now a reality for those adopting these modern technologies. For years this has been an ideal held back by complicated deployments, highly technical transformation technologies, governance and compliance issues, and limited access to data as a result of the bottlenecks presented by these complexities. The good news is that there is technology available today to address all of these concerns.

With the integration of Trifacta and Snowflake, organizations can store and prepare structured and semi-structured data from a wide variety of sources in a central environment, including IOT data, application data, transactions data, 3rd party data, and more, while cutting the cost, time and resources required to manage all of the software, hardware and infrastructure needed to house this information. Data professionals can work collaboratively in a data preparation platform to profile, structure, clean, blend and refine that data for a variety of downstream applications from reporting to machine learning in Snowflake.

Data analysts, data engineers, and data scientists now have access to the data they need, when they need it, and have the technologies at their disposal to transform their data to fit their purpose in an interface built around ease of use, blending machine learning and visualization to guide users through the self-service transformation process and provide real time validation every step of the way. The movement of data is tightly monitored with governance and lineage to ensure proper compliance needs are met.

Don’t just take our word for it, we’ve seen this in practice. At Malwarebytes, “Trifacta has empowered our business users to accelerate data preparation and provide a 3x improvement in turnaround-time” said Manjunath Vasishta, Director of Data Science and Engineering at Malwarebytes. “Snowflake’s unlimited scale, on-demand execution clusters, and support of a rich set of data formats have allowed Malwarebytes to centralize all data from transactions including billions of telemetry logs. With the integration of Trifacta and Snowflake, we can accelerate the process of preparing data in Snowflake and empower our business to do more with self-service analytics.”

This integration for Snowflake builds upon our native support for all major cloud platforms, including AWS, Google Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Azure.

Want to cut reporting time from weeks to hours, and save up to 80% more time preparing data for analytics and machine learning? Sign up to test drive Trifacta for Snowflake and help your organization democratize business intelligence, analytics, and machine learning.