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Data Wrangling Experience Pays Off

May 10, 2018

You already know that wrangling your data pays off. You save time. You avoid expensive mistakes. And you make the most of your valuable data analyst and data scientist resources.

But what you may not know is that your data wrangling experience can pay off—literally.

Trifacta will pay you up to $400 to share your experience using Wrangler to prepare data for downstream use. We’re looking to our community of world-class data wranglers to help others become world-class data wranglers.

We’re looking for blogs, articles, and tutorials on your real-world experience in data wrangling, working with large datasets, and data analytics. Topics might include:

  • How to clean up “impossibly” messy datasets
  • Beginner data prep — what you should know when you’re just starting out
  • Advanced data prep — how to manage particularly messy datasets
  • Building a data analytics pipeline — from database to wrangling to reporting
  • Working with Trifacta as part of an analytics pipeline that may include AI, data onboarding, business intelligence, or other related tools or workflows

Your content will support the Trifacta community by helping other users to gain a broader appreciation of data wrangling and a deeper understanding of how to make data wrangling a part of their daily work.

In short, if you’ve got the data wrangling experience, we’ll give you the platform for sharing it, byline credit to boost your professional reputation, and some cold, hard cash to boot.

Interested? Here’s how it works.

  • You propose a topic for your blog, article, or tutorial. You might even draft an outline. Just don’t write a full article yet; we want to make sure your topic would be popular amongst our community before you start writing.
  • Trifacta reviews and approves your topic and negotiates terms of payment based on the level of technical detail proposed. Most blogs and articles get paid out at $300, but particularly technical tutorials—ones that include screenshots and recipe steps—are paid out at $400. All payouts are at Trifacta’s editorial discretion.
  • We will work with you to get the article published — from draft to final version. Once it’s published, you’ll get paid.

Ready to get started or learn more? Visit our Community for more details.

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