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A New Cloud-Based Data Prep Solution from Google & Trifacta

March 9, 2017

Today, we’re excited to announce our collaboration with Google to create Google Cloud Dataprep, the latest offering available on Google Cloud Platform for data preparation. Since the founding research at Stanford and UC Berkeley that led to the creation of the data preparation category, our team at Trifacta has prided itself on continuing to push the market forward and we are excited to collaborate with Google on a cloud-optimized, enterprise solution.

Google Cloud Dataprep embeds Trifacta’s intelligent, user-friendly interface and Photon Compute Framework, and natively integrates with Google Cloud Dataflow for fast, scalable data processing. Cloud Dataprep enables any Google Cloud user (with the appropriate permissions) to access, explore and prepare diverse data in services such as Cloud Storage and BigQuery for a variety of downstream uses including analytics.

With more and more enterprises moving their analytics workloads to the cloud, Google Cloud Dataprep plays a critical role in enabling everyday business users to explore and prepare data themselves to drive faster, more accurate analysis. In part, this is attributable to the rise of new or unconventional data sources (namely IoT), which are being generated from an increasing number of cloud-based sensors and devices. Companies are just now scratching the surface with what they’re able to do with this new, complex data and are beginning to augment existing infrastructure investments with cloud-based analytics solutions. Despite these shifts, data preparation remains an important component—or, rather, has even become a much more important one. Whether data lives in the cloud or on-prem, everyone needs to prepare data for downstream applications and business functions.

As a leading data preparation company, it’s logical for us to follow these trends in the market, and we’re excited to work with Google as we place a strong focus on serving companies investing in cloud-based solutions. Google’s guidance and assistance has significantly accelerated our own cloud roadmap. We’re proud of what we’ve put forth together and extremely excited to see our solution bring new sources of value to Google Cloud’s rapidly expanding customer base. With excellent feedback from an impressive list of early access customers, we’re excited about bringing Cloud Dataprep to an even wider audience in the coming months.

For more details on Google Cloud Dataprep, please visit and read Google’s launch blog on Cloud Dataprep here. If you’d like to see Trifacta first-hand, sign up today

Stay tuned, more exciting news is coming soon…