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Data Preparation For Data Mining

June 21, 2016

Data preparation for data mining is a critical step to take in any big data effort. Sometimes, beginner data analysts are tempted to be less thorough in data preparation for data mining, either because they lack time or training or because they believe their data is “good enough,” not taking into account how it might be used in the future or in other contexts. For example, the data may need to adhere to higher, or different, quality requirements once it is migrated and presented to executives. Even with time and training in data preparation for data mining, some of the most interesting and counterintuitive insights can be missed, if the data lives in hard to extract from places or in ways that are not easy to access.

Data preparation for data mining is time-consuming. But better quality data going in will yield better results. Data that has not been prepared—that is pre-screened and cleaned of missing, out of range, or invalid values—could generate confusing and unconvincing results that don’t lead to business action . Using the right tools, fast and efficient data preparation for data mining can elevate the entire experience from data mining to deployment; and will produce more complete and results with better interpretability and consistency.

How Visual Data Exploration Improves Data Preparation For Data Mining

Today’s leaders in modern data mining like Trifacta are utilizing sophisticated tools that allow users of all skills to do data preparation for data mining with real-time visualization, and automated data profiling.  Features like intelligent, interactive, and repeatable visualizations can almost eliminate the need for businesses to allocate time and money on writing code to support data preparation for data mining.

Data visualization is metamorphosing rapidly in order to address corporate demands, and this is where the fruits of your labors during data preparation for data mining can be immediately harvested:

  • Because of how the human brain works, exploring preliminary data findings visually- displayed as graphical charts and graphs- is much easier and has better comprehension than traditional spreadsheets and reports.  Data preparation for data mining can be done faster if the results of choices are more easily visualized.
  • Trends and patterns become more obviously recognizable, relationships and associations appear more readily, and even problems or errors in data preparation for data mining can be more easily detected and thereby addressed in a timely fashion.
  • The ability for decision-makers to comprehend this information helps them track customer behavior and forecast sales, while guiding them on product placement and areas where gains can be made.
  • Trifacta automates much of the data preparation for data mining process. Out of the box, once data is pulled in, Trifacta can detect and suggest the best visualization for the data set(s) involved; as well as allowing analysts to customize, save, and share those visualizations across the organization.  

Modern data preparation for data mining with the automated visual profiling tools in Trifacta saves time and money, while offering superior results over manual profiling methods. Forrester estimates up to 80% of most analysts’ time is spent preparing data. Trifacta can immediately reduce data preparation for data mining time. Businesses can then share more, better, and consistent results in a central location- regardless of user level and operating system.

Data preparation for data mining has immeasurable value in today’s big data world. Trifacta helps businesses of all sizes maximize that value by incorporating exceptional visualization into data preparation, tools and practices throughout all stages of any data migration project.

To learn more about Trifacta’s data wrangling software, try out our free cloud product, Trifacta Wrangler!