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Data Prep in 2020: See What the Latest Research from Dresner Advisory Services Recommends

March 23, 2020

Like most of the world, the Trifacta team has hunkered down over the past few weeks in response to COVID-19. The data nerds in us are doing everything to analyze the situation—in fact, members of our talented team have volunteered their data skills to provide assistance to those working with data related to COVID-19. But we also understand the importance of finding a bit of calm in this storm, and hope our Trifacta community has been able to take some measures to do so, too. 

There is comfort in constants, and for Trifacta that is Dresner’s annual independent research report on data preparation. Dresner published the first independent research report recognizing data preparation as a stand-alone space back in 2015 and have done so every year since – 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 and now 2020. We are incredibly grateful to the Dresner team for helping kick off the market for data preparation back in 2015 which has since grown to be recognized by a number of other leading analyst firms including Forrester, Gartner and Ovum among others. 

Since Dresner’s initial study back in 2015, we’ve been selected as the #1 data preparation vendor and the 2020 report is no different—we’re proud to announce that we’ve once again claimed the top spot. However, beyond vendor rankings, we’re always curious about the findings of Dresner’s study, which offers a pulse check on the broader data preparation market. Here are a few key takeaways we took from this year’s report:

  • 80% of surveyed organizations viewed data preparation as important, with 60% saying it’s “critical” or “very important.” 
  • The larger the organization, the more important data preparation is to the success of business initiatives. 
  • The most important usability feature of data prep products is “save-and-preview.”
  • Industry support has shifted toward cloud deployments of data preparation

Since Trifacta was forged from over 20 years of joint academic research across Stanford and UC Berkeley, witnessing the evolution and growth of this market we helped to create has been extremely rewarding. We’re honored to have received this recognition from Dresner and are excited for the continued development of the data preparation market. 

We invite you to review the full results of the study by downloading the full 2020 Data Preparation Market Study from Dresner Advisory Services. And, to see why Trifacta was ranked #1 by trying our data preparation platform out for yourself, sign up to try Trifacta for free here.

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