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Data, More Data and Even More Data: How to get to the Value?

April 6, 2016

Bert Oosterhof brings 40+ years of IT experience to his position as EMEA Field CTO and Advisor at Trifacta. Prior to joining Trifacta, Bert was at Informatica and founded two separate advisory companies, which he continues to run today. His expertise is in databases, data integration and data governance.

As the Trifacta team in Europe prepares for the upcoming Hadoop Summit conference in Dublin, I wanted to take the time to introduce myself and discuss the fast-growing demand for data wrangling we’re seeing in the region. If you’re attending the conference, please reach out to schedule a meeting with our team.

Earlier this year, I joined the team at Trifacta as Field CTO for EMEA having spent the majority of my career in the analytics and data integration industry. The decision to join Trifacta was easy – I was impressed with the people, the vision, the technology, and the impressive list of customers the company has acquired in a short time in market. Despite the fact that multiple Business Intelligence and Data Integration tools have been in use for years at many leading businesses in Europe, they still tell me that preparing data takes up to 80% of the overall analysis process. Analysts and Data Scientists across these companies  are stuck spending too much of their time discovering, structuring, cleaning and enriching data before it can be used for valuable analytics.

The growing challenge of preparing data is not only caused by the rapid increase in the volume of data but more importantly the growing diversity of data organizations are incorporating into their analysis efforts. Business stakeholders can’t wait weeks or months for IT to prepare to data into the appropriate format for analysis – they need to be able to explore and transform these diverse sources themselves. As these companies have tens of data scientists and often hundreds of data analysts doing this work in parallel, the cost of data wrangling can become huge. A new paradigm is needed to make this an affordable task.

Trifacta has created an entirely way for business analysts to work directly with the diverse data that makes up modern analysis projects without having to rely on IT to do it for them. Trifacta Wrangler and Wrangler Enterprise provide intuitive and efficient data wrangling solutions that leverage intelligence to make people who prepare data more productive and creative than ever before.

Many companies across Europe such as Royal Bank of Scotland and Sanofi are leveraging Trifacta to help various business groups unlock the potential of their data and they are already seeing tremendous results. We look forward to sharing more on the growing number of fascinating companies we are working with across Europe.

If you haven’t already, please don’t forget to schedule a meeting with our team at the upcoming Hadoop Summit Conference.

We will also be presenting at the Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence Summit in Amsterdam.