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Data Discovery Tools: The Wave of the Future

June 23, 2016

As more companies demand big data backed decision making, data discovery tools are rising to the occasion. Every single business function now needs access to user-friendly, robust data discovery tools, along with quick, easy-to-understand analysis output.

Ride The Big Data Wave With Data Discovery Tools

In less than ten years, big data has become the de facto standard in over half the Fortune 500.  New insight is a competitive advantage. Even with all the technological advances made to collect this data, many firms don’t possess the data discovery tools necessary to tame this monster wave, so their analysts and business units are treading water in an ocean of data. Data discovery tools harness the sea of data’s power so analysts at every level can carve a big data wave to the shore of actionable insight.

Who Needs Data Discovery Tools?

Today’s data discovery tools build upon earlier generations of tools like Microsoft Excel, online analytical processing tools, and ad hoc queries.  Users, too are growing: by beginning with tools usually associated with business intelligence, and then transitioning into the realm of more advanced analytics, analysts can expand their skills in ways that were impossible before without extensive technical training.  Top data discovery tools enable this growth with excellent visual display and data preparation tools that require little or no IT involvement.

Even expert analysts can benefit from data discovery tools. By visualizing data before import, better decisions can be made about import adjustments. Storing and sharing ideal visualizations of data saves time and increases collaboration among teams.  Lastly, having access to a holistic set of data is a good thing, but analyzing it is extra difficult.  Intelligent data discovery tools anticipate user needs, adapt to business specifics, and enable disruptive thinking by cross-functional teams.

Totally Rad: What Makes A Good Data Discovery Tool?

The best data discovery tools should be world class at three things:

  1. Integration: Users should be able to merge multiple sources of data with limited IT support. Data should be able to be managed directly with a wide array of applications, filters, and analyzes. Data transformation should be able to be saved, repeated and shared with minimal effort.
  2. Display: Visualize data with intelligence and beauty. The best data discovery tools are effortless to use.  They should allow users at all levels to pre-visualize data before import to ensure the right approach.  Intelligent, dynamic, interactive, easy to understand and share charts, graphs and tables are a must.
  3. Analysis: Self-service, robust, uncluttered, and intuitive user interface. Good data discovery tools enable most business users immediately, with little or no formal training. All users should be able to crank out fast results. End-users of all skill levels should be able to easily search for the information they seek to tell them what happened, why it happened, and in some cases, deliver predictive modeling.

Cowabunga, Dude: Riding The Big Data Wave

Trifacta can keep you from drowning in the ocean of big data available to you. When you have data discovery tools that are easy for your staff to use and understand, they get data they need faster than you can say “surf’s up.” Your team will surprise you with the creative ways they find to use this new information in everyday business decisions. Trifacta can help your team become big data Big Kahunas in no time.  Sign up for free Trifacta Wrangler today!

To learn more about what organizations are doing with data discovery tools like Trifacta, download our white paper, “Best Practices for Executing New Analytics Initiatives”