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And the Winner Is…2021 Trifacta Customer Awards Recognize Data Engineering Excellence and Innovation

May 6, 2021

Data engineering is a team sport.

It takes a broad set of players on the field to unlock the value of data, and requires collaboration, experimentation, and iteration.

It’s important to recognize the exemplary players and projects that are working together to use data in groundbreaking new ways to transform their business. And that’s just what we did at Wrangle Summit 2021.

Trifacta Customer Award Winners

At our inaugural Wrangle Summit, an industry-first data engineering event hosted in partnership with Google Cloud, Trifacta honored individuals and organizations from our global customer base for data engineering excellence and innovation in five categories. These award winners are models for others to learn from and be inspired by.

Project of the Year: SPAR

The Project of the Year award recognizes a new data engineering project that drives tremendous value for an organization.

SPAR won the Project of the Year award for an innovative project that changed the way SPAR onboards detailed, complex, heterogenous sales data from 48 countries—involving different currencies, formats, data systems, product names, and languages. SPAR built data flows that enhanced and accelerated visibility into this critical sales data, enabling SPAR to analyze it more frequently and in greater detail, resulting in an impressive 3-5% top-line revenue growth.

Data4Good: Genomics England

The Data4Good award honors the customer that uses data to contribute the most to the betterment of humanity.

Genomics England was the inaugural Data4Good award winner. Genomics England rapidly combined patient and blood test data from clinical trials with genome sequencing information, empowering researchers to better understand, adapt, and respond to COVID-19 and improve the health of people across the globe.

Champion(s) of the Year: Bekkie Brown, Amway and Lori Bradley, Eli Lilly

The candidate field was so rich this year that it was impossible to select only one Champion of the Year. Trifacta gave out two of these awards.

Bekkie Brown was recognized for using Trifacta to quickly adapt Amway’s product hierarchy information to make better marketing, pricing, and manufacturing decisions across the Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) business.

Lori Bradley was honored for revamping Eli Lilly’s clinical trial processes and then leveraging that success to extend Trifacta to other Eli Lilly departments to further transform the pharmaceutical business.

Administrator of the Year: Stephen Summers, Deloitte

Stephen Summers was selected as Administrator of the Year for his work rolling out Deloitte’s novel Cortex platform that combines Azure with Databricks and Trifacta at massive scale. With Trifacta, Deloitte was able to streamline and accelerate its audit process, allowing the company to deliver audits to its customers faster. Thanks to Stephen’s efforts, Deloitte now collects, samples, and ensures the accuracy of its customer data more quickly, easily, and scalably than ever before.

Wrangler of the Year: Randy Santiano, Eli Lilly

Randy Santiano was named 2021’s Wrangler of the Year. He led a data wrangling effort in an Eli Lilly project in which data was used to better predict, monitor, and manage an individual’s participation in clinical trials. In addition, Randy developed and shared a naming convention with other Trifacta developers within Eli Lilly to enable a broad array of data engineers across multiple initiatives to coordinate and collaborate effectively.

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