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A 360° View of Your Customers: At Last, Living Up To The Hype

July 25, 2016

We have heard of the promise of customer 360° view before. Every year, at every marketing conference, someone is proclaiming that this year is the year of the customer. (Savvy marketers think in reply: “Well, isn’t every year the year of the customer?”) There might be articles that pre-date even this, but here’s one from 2002 already tired of the hype around the idea of a 360° 360-degree view of the customer.

As a marketing or customer service executive, you know that having this customer 360° view of your actual customers is critical to your company’s success. You know that if you can see all the factors that play into Net Promoter Score, you can accelerate your business’s trajectory. Maybe you tried to implement this methodology before and saw it struggle. Perhaps you saw other organizations failing and decided to wait. We think the world has evolved enough to enable the vision of the customer 360° view to live up to its hype, at last.

Customer 360° View: Why Aren’t We There Yet?

To be fair, getting a full customer 360 view was always hard. Data that comes in from many sources, be it point of sale, customer service tools, or research is tough to integrate and analyze, especially by nontechnical employees in marketing and customer service. Today it’s harder than ever, as data also pours in from social media, web chats, online complaints, website analytics, and inbound marketing.

Finding ways to delicately suture together complex and varied sources often requires technical help. But technical resources are expensive and non-marketers can struggle with data wrangling that requires domain expertise to interpret. If that doesn’t exist, the data is cobbled together by analysts, who typically spend about 80% of their time in these data preparation efforts. Most use Excel, and while it’s a great tool, it has limitations for the customer 360 view.

So in the past, you could start an initiative like this, but maintaining it was the hard part. You had to hire unplanned staff, and maybe the data wasn’t always perfect, so over time you stopped trusting it, or just got tired of fighting for it when it wasn’t showing its value in time for the next quarterly earnings report, and draining your team’s energy, too.

Customer 360° View: Things Have Changed. It’s Time To Jump In.

But there’s good news, too: the rise of big data means that new methods and tools have also been invented to manage that data and provide the full customer 360° view. Processing speeds, high-speed internet, cloud services, and cheaper, more flexible data architectures like Hadoop have in just the last five years revolutionized the use of data for companies of all sizes.

When it comes to analyzing the data, it’s also now more fun than ever. Instead of spending all that time cleaning and preparing data, using tools like Trifacta on top of Tableau allow teams to work together collaboratively to solve issues instead of staring at their individual monitors, locked into silos of perception. Imports and visualizations can be saved and shared, enabling users of all technical abilities to work with data and mine it for insights. Trifacta preserves source data and data lineage, so your corporate governance teams will love you, too.

Customer 360° View, Real World Example: Turning Web Chats Into Profit

The Royal Bank of Scotland had a pile of web chat data from customers that they knew could be used to help shape product, service, and business offerings. Using Trifacta, they were able to structure and analyze 100% of the data they’d gathered to understand their customers. Cutting time to market for new analytics by 70-90% led to transformational insights that substantially increased Net Promoter Score for their 250,000 monthly customers.

Another Trifacta customer, a global tech infrastructure company, knew that if they could somehow find the sales leads already in the pipeline that were most likely to convert, that they could focus their sales team on those prospects. Unfortunately, the team didn’t have a lot of IT support and so this information lay hidden and unusable. By gathering web log, Salesforce, Eloqua, and social media together and using Trifacta to transform this data, they were able to create a “predictive segmentation” and point their sales and marketing teams to the leads that represented the most immediate income, without extra IT resources.

Free Your Team To Analyze Data Instead Of Just Preparing It?  

Trifacta can help. We’ve created a portal just for marketers and customer service teams to explain how Trifacta can help your teams reduce churn, enhance customer service, and wrangle all your marketing data to allow your team to make this year, and every year, the year of the customer.