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Crowdsourcing Macros with the Trifacta Wrangle Exchange

November 21, 2019

We have a very exciting update to Macros live in the new release of Trifacta. In July of this year, we released Macros, a way to combine several steps in Trifacta into a single, customizable and reusable step in Trifacta. We want to highlight a new capability with this feature that will help with sharing, version control, and more–import and export. Now, you can craft a Macro in Trifacta, export that Macro and share with colleagues, or share with our community of wranglers by sharing your Macros on the Trifacta Wrangle Exchange (Note, Macros can be imported and exported in version 6.8 or higher). To celebrate this new feature, we have uploaded 30 new Macros to the Wrangle Exchange.

Let’s see how this works: 

Step 1: Download the Macro from the Trifacta Wrangle Exchange (disclaimer, you have to be a member of the community to download)

Step 2: Import the Macro to your version of Trifacta

To import a Macro, go to the Library tab in Trifacta, then go to Macros and select Import. Locate the downloaded Macro in your downloads and select it to import into Trifacta.

Step 3: Use your new Macro

Once you have imported the Macro, you are free to use it in any recipe in Trifacta. In any recipe, you can search for the Macro or locate it in the toolbar.

Macros are an excellent way to improve the ease and power of transforming data in Trifacta. We would love to see your own creative Macros on our community. Simply export your macro and post it into this discussion thread on our community, we will review it and then post the valid Macros to the Trifacta Wrangle Exchange. We are excited to see what you come up with! 

Give Macros a try today with Trifacta for free, and starting using and sharing your Macros with the community!