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What We Learned from Surveying Over 600 Companies on Transitioning Analytics to the Cloud

January 23, 2020

The question is no longer, “Are you planning to move to the cloud?” 

It’s “How are you leveraging the cloud today?” and “What are the plans for expanding your cloud footprint in the future?” 

Every organization is leveraging the cloud in some shape or form. Whether it be Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud or another provider, the cloud is core to the IT and data management strategy of every modern business. 

At the same time, analytics and AI rank continually rank as one of the top strategic business initiatives for 2020s. We’re still in the early innings when it comes to business adoption of AI but similar to cloud a few years ago, it’s only a matter of time.    

As these two trends converge and continue to pick up momentum, our team wanted to understand how organizations are approaching their AI and cloud initiatives and what are the biggest challenges that stand in their way. So we recently partnered with Researchscape International to survey data workers from over 600 companies in an effort to uncover any worthwhile trends on the state of cloud and AI adoption.   

What we found is that transitioning to cloud isn’t the challenge…it’s the data.

75% of C-Suite executives aren’t confident in the quality of their data. 75%!

I knew data quality was an issue for businesses but the thought of 3 out of every 4 execs having no faith in their data stuck out in a big way. This is especially concerning given that 76% of the executives we surveyed have AI and machine learning initiatives included in their company’s roadmap and we all know machine learning tools are useless if your data is bad

The research provided insight into a number of key questions we had including: 

  • What is the business impact of poor data quality? 
  • How successful are your company’s AI/ML initiatives? 
  • What is the most popular cloud platform for analytics and AI? 
  • What percentage of the company’s data will be in the cloud in the two years? 

To see the answers to these questions and many more, click here to download the full report: Obstacles to AI & Analytics Adoption in the Cloud.