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Publishing Data to Snowflake Using Trifacta Data Quality Rules 

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How to Use Trifacta and Snowflake to Prepare Data for Home Price & Rental Analysis

If you are using Snowflake as your cloud analytics platform, Trifacta can help accelerate the process of data... more

  |  October 27, 2020

Understanding Automated Cloud Data Warehouse with BigQuery and Looker

This blog illustrates how the combination of Cloud Dataprep, Looker, and BigQuery fulfills the three... more

  |  October 22, 2020

Predicting COVID-19 Cases with Machine Learning and Trifacta

In the fight against COVID-19, one of the best weapons at our disposal is data. But interpreting COVID-19... more

  |  October 14, 2020

How to Extend Cloud Dataprep by Using BigQuery Javascript UDFs

Since Trifacta is a data company, we try to be as data-driven as possible. This means that product usage data... more

  |  October 12, 2020

Snowflake Software and Trifacta

The cloud computing market is often boiled down to a race between the “Big Three” cloud... more

  |  September 20, 2020

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Cleaning and Preparing Data from Snowflake Databases

What is  Snowflake database software? Snowflake is a cloud data warehouse that provides various layers for... more

  |  September 10, 2020

Snowflake Data Prep for Data Scientists, Data Analysts and Data Engineers

Snowflake’s unique architecture allows organizations to store a wider variety of data formats and data... more

  |  September 6, 2020

Data Preparation in an AWS Data Lake

Before we jump into the definition of an AWS data lake, let’s review why data lakes are important in the... more

  |  August 22, 2020

Data Enrichment in the Cloud – Why Data Marketplaces need Data Prep

These days, we can’t get enough of it–Cloud. Everyone is moving to, or, more precisely, has moved to... more

  |  July 29, 2020

Leverage Cloud Functions and APIs to Monitor Cloud Dataprep Jobs Status in a Google Sheet

If you manage a data and analytics pipeline in Google Cloud, you may want to monitor it and obtain a... more

  |  July 28, 2020

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Automate your Google Cloud Data Warehouse on BigQuery with Cloud Dataprep

Today’s blog is a guest post from Geoffroy de Viaris, a Data and Analytics Project Manager at a high... more

  |  June 11, 2020

How to Automate a Cloud Dataprep Pipeline When a File Arrives

With a better mastery of Cloud Functions, you can trigger a Dataprep job via API when a file lands in a Cloud... more

  |  May 26, 2020

What is Data Structure? Using Basic Data Structures to Organize Like Martha Stewart

How can Martha Stewart be of any relevance in a blog post titled “What is data structure?” Stay with us... more

  |  May 19, 2020

Building An Effective Cloud Data Lake with Trifacta

Ask a number of organizations what kind of data they use and they’ll likely each give you a different... more

  |  March 24, 2020

ETL Tools and Data Wrangling: What’s the Difference?

The extract, transform, and load process (ETL process), and ETL tools, have been the de facto way to move and... more

  |  March 17, 2020

Why Cloud-Native Data Preparation is Superior to Desktop Alternatives

Happy 2020 everyone! A new decade comes with new perspectives. For companies striving to use data to drive... more

  |  February 4, 2020

Is ETL Dead? ETL vs. Data Wrangling in the Cloud

Is ETL dead? It’s a question that has come up a lot in recent years as organizations modernize their... more

  |  January 21, 2020

Five Tips for Optimizing Self-Service Analytics on Google Cloud Platform: Part Five

So you’ve decided to transition (at least in part) your data analytics to the cloud. More specifically, you... more

  |  January 6, 2020