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Winning the Data Wars: New Growth Funding Will Further Arm Customers to Compete on Information

January 31, 2018

Today, investing in the right data technologies is more critical than ever before. The frontier for competition has shifted and the “Data Wars” have begun. Everyone now understands they compete on information as much as the goods and services they make. Welcoming uncertainty into your business, catering to long tail segments, spotting emerging shifts in buyer preference, improving risk modeling, even ferreting out “fake news” all require massive improvements in information agility. It is this information agility that will separate the winners from the losers over the next decade. To get there, data-driven organizations understand that there are three foundational shifts they must embrace.

  • The “who” is changing– end users who know the data best are doing the work that previously fell only to the highly technical. This removes bottlenecks and improves outcomes as users with context in their heads get to better, more unique insights faster.
  • The “what” is changing– the data is increasingly large and unstructured. Machine generated data is the new normal. Behavior data is everywhere. Interactions matter as much as transactions.
  • The “where” is changing– enterprises require the ability to make late binding decisions about where workloads are run and what tools are used to visualize/analyze data. They will also want the ability to change their minds and to cost effectively support multiple approaches while avoiding lock-in.

Without addressing these trends, information potential remains hidden and benefits go unrealized.

Solving for this will require customers to modernize their analytic stack to achieve better economics and improved flexibility. Instead of solving this with complex coding and legacy ETL frameworks, enterprises want to prepare data interactively; iteratively shaping, structuring and harmonizing complex data in real time. This requires customers to democratize the production of new data assets with self-service data wrangling in much the same way they have previously democratized the consumption of data with self-service BI. This has been Trifacta’s focus from the beginningmaking the painstaking work of preparing data intuitive, efficient and fun for everyday data professionals. We pioneered a market that has since been validated by thousands of users and hundreds of enterprise customers, by industry analysts and by leading partners.

To further capitalize on this opportunity, we’ve raised $48M in new growth financing from strategic investors Columbia Pacific, Deutsche Börse, Ericsson, Google, and New York Life along with participation from existing investors Accel, Cathay Innovation, Greylock Partners, Ignition Partners, and Ridge Ventures. With this funding we will continue to engage our customers obsessively, further expanding our field operations team to better service our large and growing installed base.

We will also use the funding to enhance our breakthrough ML-driven approach to self-service while increasing enterprise platform capabilities that allow customers to collaboratively curate data; crowdsourcing the best work and operationalizing it at scale. We will do all of this across cloud and hybrid environments and across analytic, visualization and data science tools. Our focus and commitment to making data understandable and useful for analysis regardless of where it lives, or how it is consumed, remains unchanged.

By helping our customers wrangle anything, we will connect them to everything. When we’re successful, not only will we have built a truly revolutionary business, but we’ll also have forever changed the way the people, data, and computation come together to solve problems. That is the pioneering vision of the company. That is what drives us every day. That is what has established us as the market leader. That is the “Trifacta.”

To learn more about Trifacta’s latest round of financing and what it means for the company, read the full press release here.

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