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Victor Coustenoble

Victor is Trifacta's Technical Regional Manager in EMEA, focused on helping customers and partners discover and understand self-service data wrangling.

Tracking Dataprep Metadata and Profile Results with Google Cloud Data Catalog

Maintain BigQuery data lineage by enriching Google Cloud Data Catalog tags with Dataprep metadata and profiling results Cataloging Dataprep Pipelines Google Cloud Data Catalog is the defacto metadata cataloging solution for your analytics initiatives on Google Cloud. Data Catalog natively and automatically captures BigQuery datasets, tables, and views, which gives you visibility into your data […]


Victor Coustenoble  •  May 26, 2021

Setting Up Data Quality Monitoring For Cloud Dataprep Pipelines

Build a simple, flexible, yet comprehensive Data Quality monitoring solution for your Google Cloud Dataprep by Trifacta pipelines with Cloud Functions, BigQuery and Data Studio Building a Data Quality Dashboard Building a modern data stack to manage analytic pipelines—such as Google Cloud and a BigQuery data warehouse or data lake—has many benefits. One such benefit […]


Victor Coustenoble  •  December 21, 2020

How to Automate a Cloud Dataprep Pipeline When a File Arrives

With a better mastery of Cloud Functions, you can trigger a Dataprep job via API when a file lands in a Cloud Storage bucket Ever dreamt about automating your entire data pipeline to load your data warehouse? Without automation each user needs to manually upload its data, then manually start a transformation job or wait […]


Victor Coustenoble  •  May 26, 2020

Qu’est ce que le Data Wrangling ?

Après mes voeux et quelques idées pour 2018 inspirés par le CEO de Trifacta, rentrons maintenant dans le vif du sujet et répondons à la question “Qu’est ce que le Data Wrangling ?”. Des données brutes à l’analyze : Le Data Wrangling, aussi appelé Préparation de Données en Self-Service, est le processus qui permet à […]


Victor Coustenoble  •  February 26, 2018
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