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Data Engineering for Data-Driven Marketing

Marketing departments know the value of data. After all, Marketing has been on the forefront of gleaning insights from data to foster positive relationships with new and existing customers and ultimately increase conversion rates and revenue. Harnessing data to more accurately target potential customers, personalize customer engagement in real time, and improve customer loyalty is […]


Trifacta  •  July 6, 2021

What Is a Data Stack and How Does It Impact Analytics?

We hear a lot about organizations undergoing “data modernization” in order to become more data-driven. Essentially what that means is that these organizations have recognized that legacy data tools aren’t very good at solving modern data problems. They’re in the process of moving data out of legacy mainframe databases and, at the same time, replacing […]


Trifacta  •  December 16, 2020

How to Change Date Format in Excel

When you enter a date into Microsoft Excel, the program will format it according to the default date settings. For example, if you want to enter the date February 6, 2020, the date could appear as 6-Feb, February 6, 2020, 6 February, or 02/06/2020, all depending on your settings. You may find that if you […]


Trifacta  •  November 2, 2020

Cleaning Dirty Data & Messy Data

The appeal of being a data analyst or data scientist does not come from cleaning messy data. And yet, it’s the activity that often ends up consuming the majority of their total analytic time—on average, 80 percent of it—while just 20 percent is dedicated to visualizing and analyzing data, creating machine learning models, or other […]


Trifacta  •  September 22, 2020

Trifacta for Marketing Analytics: Eliminating Ad Fraud

This is the fourth post in an ongoing series about how marketers are leveraging Trifacta. It follows previous posts on marketing data onboarding, marketing analytics, and building a 360º view of the customer experience. What is marketing analytics‘ opportunity and challenge in the modern business landscape? Some marketers might say that it’s digital ads. Digital […]


Trifacta  •  June 18, 2020

Trifacta for Marketers: Paving the Path to a 360º Customer Experience

This is the third post in a series about how marketers are leveraging Trifacta, following our first post on onboarding marketing data and our second post on marketing analytics. In this post, we discuss how Trifacta is being used to increase upsell opportunities through customer marketing. The most cost-effective form of marketing is to your […]


Trifacta  •  May 22, 2020
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