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The Power of the Merge: Bringing Together The Best of Data and Analytics

The powerful combination of Trifacta and Alteryx brings together Trifacta’s game-changing integrations and cloud-native capabilities with Alteryx’s industry-leading analytics solution. Trifacta anchors and accelerates Alteryx’s journey to the cloud and opens new categories of users across IT within large enterprises. Together, Trifacta and Alteryx advance the development of an integrated end-to-end, low code/no code analytics automation platform in the cloud. 


Trifacta IT  •  April 11, 2022

How to Sort Data in Google Sheets

How to Sort Data in Google Sheets You’ve imported your data into Google Sheets—now you need to sort it. Thankfully, there’s an easier way than moving your columns up or down by hand. Google Sheets allows you to automatically sort your data numerically or alphabetically. In this post, we’ll review how to sort data in […]


Trifacta IT  •  March 30, 2022

Hiring in High Tech: Navigating the Workforce Shift

The workforce shift is undeniable: from career changes to return to office, from remote work to global, flexible teams, the trends we see today will permanently alter worker expectations. The tech industry has long led the way for hybrid approaches to work. All eyes are on these companies of all sizes as the “return to […]


Trifacta IT  •  March 30, 2022

What’s New in the Trifacta 9.1 Release

Our software releases and updates come fast and furious. We’re excited to share the latest capabilities as part of the Trifacta 9.1 release. As always, we cover a wide range of features related to data engineering. Let’s dive into them.


Trifacta IT  •  March 29, 2022
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