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Seshadri Mahalingam

Seshadri is a Distinguished Engineer at Trifacta. Since joining Trifacta in 2013, he has primarily helped develop Trifacta's domain specific language for data transformation, suggestion-driven interfaces, WebAssembly-based 'Photon' in-memory execution engine, and cloud architecture for SaaS products. Seshadri holds a B.S. in EECS from U.C. Berkeley, and a patent for analyzing transformations for preprocessing datasets. On weekends you can find him at the disc golf course in San Francisco.

The Power of the Merge: Bringing Together The Best of Data and Analytics

The powerful combination of Trifacta and Alteryx brings together Trifacta’s game-changing integrations and cloud-native capabilities with Alteryx’s industry-leading analytics solution. Trifacta anchors and accelerates Alteryx’s journey to the cloud and opens new categories of users across IT within large enterprises. Together, Trifacta and Alteryx advance the development of an integrated end-to-end, low code/no code analytics automation platform in the cloud. 


Seshadri Mahalingam  •  April 11, 2022
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