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Shyam Srinivasan

Shyam Srinivasan is a Senior Director of Product Marketing at Trifacta and leads all Product Marketing initiatives. Shyam brings rich experience to his position at Trifacta having led global teams in engineering, product management, and product marketing in his previous roles in the industry. Shyam is proficient in many technologies including data analytics, AI/ML, IoT, and networking.

How to Sort Data in Google Sheets

How to Sort Data in Google Sheets You’ve imported your data into Google Sheets—now you need to sort it. Thankfully, there’s an easier way than moving your columns up or down by hand. Google Sheets allows you to automatically sort your data numerically or alphabetically. In this post, we’ll review how to sort data in […]


Shyam Srinivasan  •  March 30, 2022

What’s New in the Trifacta 9.1 Release

Our software releases and updates come fast and furious. We’re excited to share the latest capabilities as part of the Trifacta 9.1 release. As always, we cover a wide range of features related to data engineering. Let’s dive into them.


Shyam Srinivasan  •  March 29, 2022

What’s New in the Trifacta 9.0 Release

It’s been a whirlwind of a New Year for us at Trifacta with all our big announcements and updates. On that note, our delivery of new capabilities showcasing our innovation in the data engineering space continues at a frenetic pace. 2022 is here and it’s time to get on board the new 9.x software release […]


Shyam Srinivasan  •  February 17, 2022

Trifacta Monthly Roundup: January 2022

Well, what a start we have had to the new year! We’re thrilled to share with all of you everything that’s happened in the month gone by, starting with the announcement of Trifacta being acquired by Alteryx. We couldn’t be more excited and pumped for our road ahead. Our data engineering journey continues to rock […]


Shyam Srinivasan  •  February 1, 2022

What’s New in Trifacta 8.11 Release

Hello and welcome to a new year and a new set of exciting capabilities from Trifacta with our latest 8.11 release. Increased flexibility to choose dataset sample sizes, pushdown optimization with BigQuery with sampling jobs, publish CSV files even with mismatched values, new connectors, and more – we have a lot to share with you. […]


Shyam Srinivasan  •  January 21, 2022
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