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Paul Warburg

Trifacta Legend February 2022:
Bob Hall at The Home Depot

Trifacta Legends recognizes a customer every month who is doing groundbreaking work with data using Trifacta. We’re pleased to announce the Trifacta Legend for February 2022: Bob Hall, Sr. Manager of People Analytics at The Home Depot.  Bob Hall is a Sr. Manager of People Analytics at The Home Depot, where he and his team […]


Paul Warburg  •  March 18, 2022

What is Data Fabric?

What is Data Fabric? As data grows increasingly complex and distributed, new data management techniques have emerged to meet the challenges that come along with it. One such technique is called “data fabric,” which Gartner named as one of its top 10 data and analytics technology trends for 2021.    What is a Data Fabric? […]


Paul Warburg  •  November 12, 2021

Data Engineer vs Software Engineer

Engineers are some of the most sought-after employees on the market. Some have even gone so far to proclaim that there’s a “war for engineering talent,” which has worsened with the pandemic. In June 2021, there were upwards of 365,000 job openings for IT workers, a large percentage of which included engineers.  But not all […]


Paul Warburg  •  November 11, 2021

What Is a Data Stack and How Does It Impact Analytics?

We hear a lot about organizations undergoing “data modernization” in order to become more data-driven. Essentially what that means is that these organizations have recognized that legacy data tools aren’t very good at solving modern data problems. They’re in the process of moving data out of legacy mainframe databases and, at the same time, replacing […]


Paul Warburg  •  December 16, 2020

How to Use Data Validation in Google Sheets: Tips and Tricks to Know

Google Sheets is one of the most widely-used spreadsheet tools. Still, many of its best features go undiscovered. Let’s take a closer look at building a drop-down list using data validation in Google Sheets. Why data validation matters Data validation is like the analytic version of copyediting. As much as you’re careful about the words […]


Paul Warburg  •  December 13, 2020

How to Change Date Format in Excel

When you enter a date into Microsoft Excel, the program will format it according to the default date settings. For example, if you want to enter the date February 6, 2020, the date could appear as 6-Feb, February 6, 2020, 6 February, or 02/06/2020, all depending on your settings. You may find that if you […]


Paul Warburg  •  November 2, 2020
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