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Paige Schaefer

Paige Schaefer is a Product Marketing Associate at Trifacta. Previously, she worked in marketing at San Francisco startups NerdWallet and Inkling before finding her way to big data. Paige attended Macalester College in St. Paul, Minnesota.

3 Data Strategies for Banks to Thrive in a Changing Compliance Landscape

Regulatory compliance costs eat up nearly 20% of a financial services company’s “run-the-bank” cost base, and 40% of “change the bank” costs for projects currently underway. BCBS-239 and Dodd-Frank help protect consumers, but require investment to manage at scale, putting pressure on banking sector profits. Failure to comply led to over $200B in fines from […]


Paige Schaefer  •  June 20, 2017

Effective and Efficient Customer Behavior Analysis

How well do you know your customers? It’s a seemingly simple question that becomes increasingly difficult to answer as you dig into the nuances of customer preferences and habits in correlation with demographics such as age, gender, location, etc. But it’s worth the effort. Answering this question is the key to improving products, gaining new […]


Paige Schaefer  •  June 19, 2017

Data Accessibility with Tableau Visualization and Trifacta Wrangling

Installing systems to accrue data is no longer enough to win in the marketplace and Tableau visualizations are part of the solution. Firms now invest in data accessibility by using Tableau’s visualization tools to create company-wide ecosystems that analyze unified data sets and create repeatable, scalable processes to derive and apply the new insights. To […]


Paige Schaefer  •  June 9, 2017

IoT and Big Data: Inextricably Linked

The era of IoT, or the Internet of Things, is upon us. In a January 2017 report, Gartner estimates 8.4 billion connected products will be in use this year. This is up 31 percent from 2016, and it is only set to grow. The consumer segment represents almost two-thirds of the overall apps in use […]


Paige Schaefer  •  June 1, 2017

Network Optimization in Today’s Telecommunications Industry

Data Wrangling Makes Expected Performance and Deep Insights Possible for Network Optimization. The future giants of telecom will be those who deliver the best customer service, at scale, with effective personalization. But to do this, telecom companies must prioritize network optimization. Network optimization is about improving IT performance and reducing network strain in order to […]


Paige Schaefer  •  April 28, 2017

Trifacta is #1 in Dresner’s End User Data Prep Market Study

Today, Dresner Advisory Services unveiled its third annual End User Data Preparation Market Study that provides an in-depth review of the usage trends and feature requests taking hold in the data preparation market. As this market continues to mature, we’ve watched Dresner’s findings shift year-over-year to reflect an increased recognition and use of data preparation. […]


Paige Schaefer  •  March 6, 2017
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