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Featured Blog by Nate Ashton

Wrangling Big, Diverse Data in Government

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Nate Ashton

Nate Ashton is Director of Accelerator Programs at Dcode, where he’s managed technology accelerators in areas ranging from IoT to AI to cybersecurity to help bring better tech to government faster. Dcode’s programs have helped 70 companies with over $2.5 billion in venture capital funding navigate the federal government, helping to modernize government operations at over 50 different government programs along the way.

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Wrangling Big, Diverse Data in Government

The following is a guest blog post from Nate Ashton, Director of Accelerator Programs at Dcode. It’s no secret that working with the US Government is complicated. In fact, a lot of high growth tech companies stay away from working with government because of all the barriers that exist around procurement, compliance,... more
Nate Ashton  |  March 12, 2019