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Natalie Hoang

Natalie Hoang is a Marketing Coordinator at Trifacta. She received her Bachelors from Scripps College in Los Angeles, where she studied Economics and Art.

New Features in Trifacta Wrangler

Today we are excited to introduce to you a new round of updates to Trifacta Wrangler! One of the benefits of our hybrid architecture is that it can deploy automatic software updates. Here are some highlights of the new features you’ll be able to experience the next time you open Wrangler. Reuse your transformations on […]


Natalie Hoang  •  March 3, 2016

Addressing the Growing Need for Data Wrangling Education

Tye Rattenbury, Trifacta’s Director of Data Science and Solutions Engineering, along with Trifacta’s co-founders, Joseph Hellerstein, Jeffrey Heer and Sean Kandel, have been busy authoring a book — “Data Wrangling: Techniques and Concepts for Agile Analytics — which is previewing at Strata NYC right now. In this blog, we sit down with Tye to understand […]


Natalie Hoang  •  September 29, 2015

User Empowerment in Trifacta v3

Imagine: what if non-technical analysts could more easily transform data in a way that doesn’t feel like writing a script or query? What if a technical user could accomplish their complex data wrangling task in 20 seconds instead of 5 minutes due to the help of smart algorithms and good user experience? How can a […]


Natalie Hoang  •  September 23, 2015

Bad Dates: A Nightmare for Archaeologists and Data Analysts

One of my favorite movie scenes is from Raiders of the Lost Ark, when an evil capuchin monkey tries to end our protagonist by poisoning his fruit snack. As a treasure seeking Big Data Analyst, I know that ‘bad dates’ can have an equally devastating effect on the hunt for jewels as it does on […]


Natalie Hoang  •  August 14, 2015

Data Wrangling & the Art of Beer Recommendation – Part 1

As a craft beer enthusiast, every once in a while I seek out friends who might have similar tastes in beers I am interested in trying out. With over 3500 microbreweries in the United States alone, relying solely on friends for beer recommendations is not a scalable approach! Fortunately, we have crowd sourced data of beer […]


Natalie Hoang  •  July 9, 2015

Keeping an Eye on the Data: Business Value in Big Data

Next week Ralph Kimball is presenting a webinar titled “Building a Hadoop Data Warehouse”. For those of us who have spent a significant amount of time working with data solutions, this is a milestone for Big Data.  Kimball is the “father of business intelligence” and the mind behind data marts, star-schemas, and snowflake data structures […]


Natalie Hoang  •  March 25, 2014
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