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Natalie Hoang

Natalie Hoang is a Marketing Coordinator at Trifacta. She received her Bachelors from Scripps College in Los Angeles, where she studied Economics and Art.

Trifacta Starts with the User

The founding of Trifacta originated from a simple, but big idea: Let the people who know the data best do the work of  data preparation themselves. Nearly seven years later and we’ve seen that idea come to life many times over. With Trifacta’s data preparation platform, data professionals are rethinking who does the work of […]


Natalie Hoang  •  October 1, 2018

Teaching Data Prep Concepts in the Classroom

Trifacta Wrangler, our free personal edition of Trifacta, is being used at hundreds of universities around the world for teaching data prep and data munging concepts. I’ve spoken with half a dozen instructors at colleges and universities in the US and Europe about how data prep fits into a larger data analytics curriculum for their […]


Natalie Hoang  •  June 1, 2018

Data Wrangling Experience Pays Off

You already know that wrangling your data pays off. You save time. You avoid expensive mistakes. And you make the most of your valuable data analyst and data scientist resources. But what you may not know is that your data wrangling experience can pay off—literally. Trifacta will pay you up to $400 to share your […]


Natalie Hoang  •  May 10, 2018

Watch Both San Francisco User Group Presentations

Our second ever Trifacta user group is now a wrap! Rain poured on the evening of the event, which was remarkable given how a clear of a day it had been all day before that. This was true at our New York meetup in March as well, where on the evening of the meetup, just […]


Natalie Hoang  •  April 23, 2018

New York and San Francisco Trifacta User Groups

Building a new community from the ground up is an exciting, and nerve-wracking, process. To rephrase the famous line from the movie Field of Dreams: If we build it, will they come? In the case of our first-ever New York City user group, which took place on March 1, the answer was a happy one. […]


Natalie Hoang  •  March 16, 2018

Inside Trifacta: End of Year Celebration and Star Wars

This week, in the spirit of the premiere of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, we devoted our weekly wrangling challenge to all things Star Wars. Could we figure out which species preferred to live on swamp planets? Or how fast spaceships fly? We tasked our team to find out. In this post, I’ll share a bit of that […]


Natalie Hoang  •  December 20, 2017
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