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Matt Derda

Matt Derda is a Customer Success Manager at Trifacta. After becoming a Wrangler expert and deploying Trifacta at his prior company, Matt brings first-hand knowledge to all of the clients.

What Is a Data Stack and How Does It Impact Analytics?

We hear a lot about organizations undergoing “data modernization” in order to become more data-driven. Essentially what that means is that these organizations have recognized that legacy data tools aren’t very good at solving modern data problems. They’re in the process of moving data out of legacy mainframe databases and, at the same time, replacing […]


Matt Derda  •  December 16, 2020

Advanced Analytics vs. Business Intelligence: What’s The Difference?

Advanced analytics and business intelligence (BI) have more or less the same objective—use data to drive insights that inform business strategy. So what’s the difference?  What is business intelligence?  Business intelligence is an umbrella term for software and services that provide comprehensive yet straightforward insights about an organization’s current state. Think routine reporting or dashboarding, […]


Matt Derda  •  November 3, 2020

Publishing Data to Snowflake Using Trifacta Data Quality Rules 

When publishing data to cloud data warehouse Snowflake for analytic use, data quality is of the utmost importance. Improperly curated data threatens the validity of the end analysis.  Data Quality Rules in Trifacta accelerates the process of ensuring data quality by automatically generating a list of data quality rules for users to select from and […]


Matt Derda  •  October 27, 2020

Trifacta Legend October 2020: Misagh Jebeli of Inhabit IQ

Misagh Jebeli is truly an innovator in the data and analytics space. In the very first IT class he ever took, the teacher went over how Walmart uses data to arrange items in their shelves to boost sales. That was the moment Misagh fell in love with data.


Matt Derda  •  October 22, 2020

Trifacta and AWS Team Up to Create Intelligent, Automated Machine Learning

A wrench in the plans. Sand in the gears. Gum in the works. These three idioms mean the same thing: friction, the one thing you want to avoid when you’re tackling machine learning. And yet friction is all too common. To function properly, machine learning algorithms need data to be structured in a specific way. […]


Matt Derda  •  September 30, 2020
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