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Jon Silvers
Senior Director of Strategic Growth

Jon Silvers works at the intersection of marketing and community at Trifacta. Prior to Trifacta, Jon worked at a database-as-a-service company, Compose, which was acquired by IBM in 2015.

Latest Posts

Inside Trifacta: End of Year Celebration and Star Wars

This week, in the spirit of the premiere of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, we devoted our weekly wrangling challenge to all things Star Wars. Could we figure out which species preferred to live on swamp planets? Or how fast spaceships fly? We tasked our team to find out. In this post, I’ll share a bit of... more
Jon Silvers  |  December 20, 2017

Wrangling JSON Metadata via Un-Nesting

JSON is a popular file format used to store unstructured content. Many popular databases use JSON to, for example, store media files. While it’s very easy for machines to parse JSON, JSON presents some challenges for analysts because data is nested inside of the document. For our example, we’ll look at Twitter... more
Jon Silvers  |  October 27, 2017