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Jie Wu

Jie Wu is the Director of Product Marketing at Trifacta, where she is focused on developing compelling stories for Trifacta’s modern data preparation solution. As a student of math and a former analyst, Jie is passionate about data and helping organizations innovate with data. Over the past 10 years Jie has worked on various solutions in the analytics ecosystem at GoodData, DataStax, Informatica and IBM.

Latest Posts

Why Cloud-Native Data Preparation is Superior to Desktop Alternatives

Happy 2020 everyone! A new decade comes with new perspectives. For companies striving to use data to drive innovation, the beginning of the new era is also a time to reflect on their data journey of the past decade, the various evolutions they’ve been through, and the new opportunities that await.  Whatever... more
Jie Wu  |  February 4, 2020

What’s New For Trifacta On Microsoft Azure

As the global leader in data wrangling, Trifacta continues to innovate by introducing new capabilities on major cloud platforms to drive analytics modernization in the cloud. Customers across the industry, including Bank of America, ABN AMRO Bank, and Pepsico, are using Trifacta on Azure to wrangle data and drive... more
Jie Wu  |  December 16, 2019