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Jeffrey Heer

Jeff Heer is Trifacta’s Chief Experience Officer, Co-founder and a Professor of Computer Science at the University of Washington, where he directs the Interactive Data Lab. Jeff’s passion is the design of novel user interfaces for exploring, managing and communicating data. The data visualization tools developed by his lab (D3.js, Protovis, Prefuse) are used by thousands of data enthusiasts around the world. In 2009, Jeff was named to MIT Technology Review’s list of “Top Innovators under 35”.

Reflections and Predictions: Jeffrey Heer

Just a few weeks into 2022, we’re already learning about what the year has in store for us. It’s not too late to take a look back, and ahead. In a recent episode of The Data Wranglers podcast, Joe Hellerstein and I did just that. We identified three drivers of changes in how we look […]


Jeffrey Heer  •  February 4, 2022

Trifacta’s Vision for Adaptive Data Quality

Garbage in, garbage out. When it comes to data, this well-known aphorism can prove particularly pernicious: errors or omissions in data can undermine otherwise meticulous analyzes, often in ways that are easy to overlook. Rather than informed data-driven decisions, we may fall prey to data-driven delusions. Since our founding, our goal at Trifacta has been […]


Jeffrey Heer  •  September 2, 2020

Congratulations to Pat Hanrahan, 2019 ACM Turing Award Recipient

In our current stress and uncertainty it can help to hear good news that lifts one’s spirits. Accordingly, we were thrilled to learn that Pat Hanrahan and Ed Catmull will receive the 2019 ACM Turing Award, often referred to as the “Nobel Prize” of Computer Science. While the award citation focuses on Pat and Ed’s […]


Jeffrey Heer  •  March 31, 2020

Preparing for the Next Phase of the Trifacta and Tableau Partnership

When we set out to build a data preparation platform, the problem we were solving was obvious. Given the growing diversity of data sources and the variety of downstream analysis and visualization tools to choose from, we saw—and continue to see—data preparation as a critical intermediary to making data actionable and useful. But even though […]


Jeffrey Heer  •  April 26, 2018

Designing Visualization Tools: From Data Wrangling to Exploration

The current “big data” era has lead to a proliferation of new technologies that enable a broader base of users to consume and analyze data. In large part, this has been brought about by the advancement and popularity of data visualization. We’ve moved beyond traditional dashboards and are now incorporating data visualizations into nearly every […]


Jeffrey Heer  •  November 24, 2015

Visual Profiling for Data Transformation

How do you feel when encountering a data set for the first time? Perhaps you may feel the dread of the unknown: what scripting, cleaning and interpretation hurdles await? Or, you may find that the data is so large it renders common tools like spreadsheets useless. Over my career working in data, I have felt […]


Jeffrey Heer  •  October 14, 2014
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