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Jeff Evernham

Jeff Evernham is an Information Management and Analytics professional at Knowledgent, where he helps clients to maximize their information value and create business advantage. He previously worked at North Highland Data and Analytics and Synygy. Jeff received both his Bachelors and Masters in Aerospace Engineering at MIT.

Guest Post – Knowledgent’s TeKathon Using Trifacta for Health and Life Sciences Analytics

Jeff Everham, Informationalist at Knowledgent, blogs on the company’s recent TeKathon (Knowledgent’s version of an analysis hackathon) using Trifacta for Health and Life Sciences analytics in this guest blog post. The analytics firm had two teams–one Health and Life Sciences and another Financial–learn Trifacta software in order to challenge them to a data wrangling contest. With the added challenges […]


Jeff Evernham  •  August 20, 2015
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