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Daniel Reed

Daniel Reed is OptimalBi’s Process, Business and Data Analyst, where his main role is split into two parts; help teams understand how they can get the best out of what they have and translate business and technical language. His main focus is on Information Systems, how people interact with them and get data in and out.

Latest Posts

Guest Post – Question Time: Behind the Scenes with Trifacta

Process, Business and Data Analyst at OptimalBI Daniel Reed takes a second look at Trifacta in his ‘Question Time‘ series. If you’ve been following along with OptimalBi’s journey through Trifacta, you’ve read Reed’s insights on learning to code with Trifacta as well as his... more
Daniel Reed  |  January 29, 2016

Guest Post – Getting Started with Trifacta

OptimalBI Limited has been hard at work creating data visualizations with Trifacta Wrangler. Recently, AgileBi Architect Shane Gibson blogged his experience using Trifacta Wrangler to transform data without coding. Today, we get another opportunity to share a fellow OptimalBI member’s Trifacta experience... more
Daniel Reed  |  November 19, 2015