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The 6 Steps of Wrangling Insurance Data

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Cindy Maike

Cindy Maike is the General Manager of Insurance at Hortonworks, where she manages overall business and technology vision, go-to-market strategy and executive worldwide engagement. She works with customers and partners to leverage analytics for current day business growth and exploring the usage of new data driving innovation in the evolving world of insurance.

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The 6 Steps of Wrangling Insurance Data

In this post, Cindy Maike, General Manager for Insurance Solutions at Hortonworks and Paige Schaefer, Product Marketing Associate at Trifacta, teamed up to discuss Big Data Wrangling in the insurance industry. Trifacta is a Hortonworks Certified Technology partner and most recently received the Hortonworks Industry... more
Cindy Maike  |  December 14, 2015