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Featured Blog by Connor Carreras

4 Key Steps to Sanity Checking Your Data

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Connor Carreras

Connor Carreras is the Director of Solutions Engineering at Trifacta, where she has worked with RBS to utilize cutting-edge data wrangling techniques in support of the bank’s Big Data initiative. Connor brings her prior experience in the data integration space to help customers understand how to adopt self-service data preparation as part of an analytics process. In her spare time, Connor enjoys playing tennis, skiing, and exploring San Francisco.

Latest Posts

4 Key Steps to Sanity Checking Your Data

As a Customer Success Manager at Trifacta, I spend most of my time helping our customers wrangle their raw, big data into business insights. On these data wrangling projects, it’s tempting to jump straight into the most interesting problems, but to produce the most accurate results, we should start by performing a... more
Connor Carreras  |  November 17, 2015

Meet the Trifacta Data Wrangling Success Team

Trifacta has always been focused on the user experience; connecting people to data is a core part of our company’s DNA. Every team in Trifacta, from engineering to marketing, cares deeply about the human aspect of data wrangling. But the team that pays the most attention to making data wrangling easy (and fun!) is... more
Connor Carreras  |  September 4, 2015