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Bertrand Cariou

Bertrand Cariou is the Senior Director of Solutions and Partner Marketing at Trifacta. He has more than 25 years of experience in the computing and data management industry holding roles from engineering, consulting, product management and product marketing. Bertrand joined Trifacta after 15 years tenure in the largest independent software vendor in data management where he ultimately lead their big data lake strategy. Bertrand runs solutions and partner marketing for Trifacta to translate and promote the use of Trifacta for Big Data vertical and horizontal innovative initiatives.

Trifacta Launches Google Cloud Dataprep Premium Edition: 5 Reasons Why You Need It

After three years in the market, we’re excited to introduce a new Premium edition of Google Cloud Dataprep by Trifacta. The Premium edition delivers on the requests we’ve heard from our most active customers: enhanced security, increased connectivity, automation capabilities, and a higher level of support and service from our team, to name a few.


Bertrand Cariou  •  September 8, 2020

PlusUp Prepares Social Media Data 90% Faster with Trifacta onboarding their BigQuery Cloud Data Warehouse

Ask a marketer for their opinion on social media and they’ll likely give you some version of this: it’s important, but seemingly impossible to measure well. Why? For starters, there’s a huge amount of factors that can optimize any given social media post (ad copy, images, promotions, target demographics, etc.) and properly testing those factors...  More

Bertrand Cariou  •  August 26, 2020

Data Preparation in an AWS Data Lake

Before we jump into the definition of an AWS data lake, let’s review why data lakes are important in the first place.  A data lake is a central repository capable of storing both structured and unstructured data. The concept of a data lake is only about 10 years old, but it has already reengineered the...  More

Bertrand Cariou  •  August 22, 2020

Mastering Pricing Optimization with Modern Data Preparation

Rarely does a company correctly price their product on the first try—nor the second, third or fourth try, either. According to a Bain & Company study, a whooping 85% of B2B companies “have significant room for improvement in pricing.” But even if a company does happen to land close to the mark, continuing to inch...  More

Bertrand Cariou  •  May 12, 2020
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