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Adam Silberstein

Adam Silberstein is a Director of Development at Trifacta. His main area of interest is large-scale data processing, including in the batch processing and online serving spaces. His work has appeared in top database venues such as SIGMOD, VLDB, and ICDE. Prior to joining Trifacta, Adam was a Staff Software Engineer at LinkedIn in and a Research Scientist at Yahoo! Research. He completed his PhD at Duke University in 2007.

The Role of Profiling in Data Wrangling

At Trifacta we’re trying to help our customers wrangle data as quickly and easily as possible, from messy point A to clean point B where data is structured, normalized, and ready for analysis. The only way our users can efficiently get their data into shape is if we can provide feedback along the way that […]


Adam Silberstein  •  February 12, 2015

Responsive Data Analysis: Hadoop, Trifacta & Data Transformation

Cloudera’s announcement this morning highlighted the opportunity for Hadoop to have a significant impact on data processing in the enterprise as an Enterprise Data Hub, the central source of data in the enterprise. Trifacta was named along with a large and growing ecosystem of over 100 solutions that are certified with the latest Cloudera distribution […]


Adam Silberstein  •  April 2, 2014
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