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André Balleyguier

André Balleyguier is a lead data scientist at DataRobot, based in London. He advises businesses across EMEA on how they can leverage data science and DataRobot to resolve some of their toughest business problems. André has worked with most of the early customers of DataRobot in Europe, and his experience ranges across various industries such as insurance, marketing, banking, and telecommunications. He initially joined the company as part of the core data science team, developing the algorithms inside the DataRobot platform.

The Importance of Data Wrangling for Machine Learning

To businesses across every industry, machine learning and artificial intelligence have the potential to drive huge benefits. But what does it look like to implement a machine learning initiative in practice, and what are the pitfalls that organizations often run into along the way? To the latter question, Harvard Business Review has a clear answer:...  More

André Balleyguier  •  April 10, 2018
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