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Amelia Arbisser

Amelia Arbisser is a Software Engineer at Trifacta. She works on a system for profiling data in Spark, and also contributes to the job execution stack. Prior to joining Trifacta, Amelia was an engineer at Twitter where she worked on relevance infrastructure for search and trends. She completed her Masters' in CS at MIT in 2012.

A Taste of Spark: Profiling

Since the product’s early days, Trifacta has leveraged Hadoop for large scale batch processing. Trifacta supports several types of batch workloads. The most prominent is transformation, in which we take the wrangling steps our customers author and execute them on their data. Another such workload is profiling. Automatic profiling of data is one of the most powerful […]


Amelia Arbisser  •  February 23, 2016
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