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97th Floor

What Is a Customer Data Platform? A Guide to CDPs

Today’s customers leave digital footprints behind just about every purchase. Any given buyer may start by searching on Google, visiting an eCommerce store, cross-referencing on Amazon or Google Shopping, reviewing the company’s social media channels—and several times back again—before finally making a purchase.  Gathering this kind of data is certainly helpful. But being able to […]


97th Floor  •  October 26, 2020

Your Guide to the Benefits, Challenges, and Best Practices of Data Governance

Picture this scenario: a group of health insurance analysts want to understand the variation in cost of a medical procedure. However,  the data they receive from partnering hospitals is stored in different systems throughout the organization and its accompanying metadata doesn’t match up, making it nearly impossible for users to understand the context of the […]


97th Floor  •  October 25, 2020

How to Merge Cells in Google Sheets

Google Sheets has become the spreadsheet tool of choice for many analysts, in part due to its accessibility and collaboration features. Let’s take a closer look at how to perform a common function in Google Sheet: merging cells. More importantly, read on to learn how to merge cells in Google Sheets without losing data.  How […]


97th Floor  •  October 25, 2020

Leveraging the Six Elements of Excel Formatting

Small formatting adjustments can make all the difference to a Microsoft Excel workbook. A small pop of color here, a change of font there, and suddenly, your workbook is no longer just a sea of rows and columns, but an organized, presentable table of data.  Below, we take a closer look at how to format […]


97th Floor  •  October 24, 2020

What Is Data Modeling and Why Does It Matter?

Data doesn’t exist in a vacuum; understanding the relational nature of data is key to understanding its value. For example, what good would customer IDs be to a product team if those IDs didn’t coincide with the specific products that customers bought? Or, how would a marketing team conduct pricing analysis without being able to […]


97th Floor  •  October 22, 2020
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