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What It Means to be Selected as a Finalist in the AFWERX MDO Challenge

August 7, 2019

Beyond the normal considerations in choosing technologies to help support the modernization of key programs across the Dept. of Defense (DoD), IT leaders in this space have a myriad of operational challenges most industries never have to consider.

While this is commonly understood for almost anyone that’s ever worked to deliver information technology solutions across the DoD, many emerging software companies that want to offer their solutions to federal agencies  find out the hard way that their technologies aren’t “ready for primetime.” Usually it’s because they can’t meet the full set of requirements demanded by DoD organizations encompassing all of the  technical, functional, policy, security and operational capabilities.

Last month, Trifacta was once again validated as a “best of breed”  for  modern data preparation, transformation and cleaning.  However, this time, it wasn’t an industry analyst (like Forrester or Gartner), or a media/press organization. It was the United States Air Force’s AFWERX program choosing Trifacta as a group winner and finalist for the 2019 Multi-Domain Operations Challenge.

This is especially gratifying for many reasons, but most importantly because it validates that our technology is the right choice for defense programs requiring faster modernization of advanced analytics platforms. Ultimately, this will make a difference to the lives of warfighters around the world!

The Devil is in the Design Details..!

Trifacta’s technology was originally conceived by 3 technologists/academics at Stanford and UC Berkeley with the goal of eliminating the painful, manual overhead of data wrangling that is required for any analytics work… especially initiatives focused on advancing AI projects. Trifacta’s solution is purpose-built to allow less technical people (typically the people who know the data best) to more efficiently get data ready for analytics by eliminating the need to “write code” to clean and prep data. This challenge of data wrangling is one of the most complex and highest impact operational challenges faced by organizations working on advanced analytics today.

Simply put:  In order to expedite AI maturity cycles (improving the operationalization of those algorithms), the manual overhead associated with data wrangling (well-documented as taking up over 80% of the time and effor in any data project) must be eliminated through guidance driven by the innovations in data visualization and machine learning. This is exactly what Trifacta does!

Trifacta’s technology is used by thousands of businesses globally across the private and public sector, helping accelerate the journey to their AI-driven futures (including some DoD customers).

Trifacta’s product team has made critical design decisions that allow Trifacta to both provide market-leading functionality for end users who work hands on cleaning and preparing data, while providing an architecture that is ideal to run in DoD-specific environments. It is not consulting ware. It is an enterprise-grade, turnkey solution that provides the fastest time-to-value of any product in our space.

Unlike other products that “look similar,” Trifacta’s user experience, architecture, partnerships (including strategic relationships with Google & IBM) and go-to-market model focused on the modern data stack is what sets us apart.  We’re proud and excited that AFWERX and the Department of Defense has acknowledged us through our selection as a group winner and finalist in the Multi-Domain Operational Challenge. These details matter and we’re excited to be validated as a key solution to this problem.