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5 Years as #1 – The Results of Dresner’s 2019 Data Preparation Market Study

March 7, 2019

#1 rankings feel good no matter what.

#1 rankings especially feel good when they are driven by feedback from customers and users. This is exactly how the Dresner Advisory Services Wisdom of Crowds reports work. Howard Dresner and his team reach out to the users of a variety of different products related to business intelligence and analytics to understand the trends in specific market categories and who the top vendors are in each space.

Dresner published the first independent research report recognizing data preparation as a stand-alone space back in 2015 and have done so every year since – 2016, 2017, 2018 and now 2019. We are incredibly grateful to the Dresner team for helping kick off the market for data preparation back in 2015 which has since grown to be recognized by a number of other leading analyst firms including Forrester, Gartner and Ovum among others.

Since Dresner’s initial study back in 2015, we’ve been fortunate enough to have been ranked the #1 data preparation vendor. The recent publishing of the 2019 report continues this trend as we have once again achieved the top spot.

As the company that helped define the data preparation market following 20 years of joint academic research across Stanford and UC Berkeley, the evolution and growth of data prep has been extremely rewarding to be a part of. We invite you to the review the results of the study by downloading the full 2019 Data Preparation Market Study from Dresner Advisory Services. Here are a few key takeaways we took from this year’s report:

  • Data Preparation is Rising in Importance – 87% of respondents to Dresner’s 2019 survey found that data preparation is at minimum “important” with 63% saying it’s either “critical” or “very important”
  • Usage of Data Prep Solutions is Improving Effectiveness – Over the past five years, as more organizations have adopted data preparation as part of their BI and analytics initiatives so has their effectiveness. The 2019 study showed that showed that close to 80% of respondents found their current approach to data preparation at least “somewhat effective.”
  • Frequency of Data Preparation Picking Up – This year’s study showed that 66% of respondents either “constantly” or “frequently” make use of data preparation. Another 26% of respondents report at least “occasional” usage of data preparation.
  • Operationalization is Now Critical – As data preparation was once mostly considered an ad-hoc activity, it is now an operational process that organizations utilize for production workflows. This is proving out in the market and the 2019 Dresner study showed this as well with “schedule a process” leading as the most important feature of data preparation solutions.

Once again, we’re honored to have been ranked as the #1 data preparation solution for the 5th straight year and are excited to see what the next five years have in store for this space.

To download the full 2019 Data Preparation Market Study from Dresner Advisory Services, click here. To try our product out for yourself, sign up for our free Wrangler edition here.

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