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Customers December 23, 2020
December Legend: Alex Hardman
Matt Derda
Customers November 10, 2020
November Legend: Angel Aponte
Matt Derda
Customers October 22, 2020
October Legend: Misagh Jebeli
Matt Derda
Customers September 21, 2020
September Legend: Christopher Dean
Matt Derda
Customers August 26, 2020
PlusUp Prepares Social Media Data 90% Faster with Trifacta onboarding their BigQuery Cloud Data Warehouse
Bertrand Cariou
Customers August 13, 2020
August Legend: Joe Roy
Matt Derda
Customers July 17, 2020
July Legend: John Gardner of Autodesk
Matt Derda
Customers June 16, 2020
June Legend: Zack Pike of Callahan
Matt Derda
Customers June 11, 2020
Automate your Google Cloud Data Warehouse on BigQuery with Cloud Dataprep
Geoffroy De Viaris
Customers May 20, 2020
Teaching the Principles of Data Cleaning at Northwestern University with Chicago Police Misconduct Data
Jennie Rogers
Customers May 12, 2020
May Legend: Adrian Binzaru of Cademy
Matt Derda
Customers April 30, 2020
Why Medecision Selected Trifacta for Data Preparation on Amazon Web Services
Matt Derda