From Exploration to Production – Unboxing the Spring ’17 Release of Wrangler Enterprise

May 24, 2017

With the latest release of Wrangler Enterprise, our team drew upon our experience working with large-scale enterprise customers such as Kaiser Permanente, PepsiCo and Royal Bank of Scotland and their needs transitioning data wrangling projects from early exploratory phases into production pipelines. Our initial success in powering data preparation initiatives for customers leads to an…

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Data Wrangling at the Speed of Photon

May 16, 2017

In collaboration with ESG Research we’re excited to share the latest performance results of our purpose-built, in-memory data wrangling engine, Photon. We’ve been developing Photon at Trifacta over the past 3 years to realize a key part of the architectural vision of our founders Joe Hellerstein, Sean Kandel and Jeffrey Heer. We released the first…

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Network Optimization in Today’s Telecommunications Industry

April 28, 2017

Data Wrangling Makes Expected Performance and Deep Insights Possible for Network Optimization The future giants of telecom will be those who deliver the best customer service, at scale, with effective personalization. But to do this, telecom companies must prioritize network optimization. Network optimization is about improving IT performance and reducing network strain in order to…

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New Features in Wrangler – Flow View, Natural Language, Column Menus & More

April 26, 2017

A few months after our last update to Wrangler, we are back with another release. This latest update to Wrangler focuses on enabling users to more efficiently manage wrangling workflows that incorporate multiple datasets, improving the readability of recipes, and providing column-level shortcuts to common wrangling tasks, in addition to other new functionality. For an…

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Reaching New Heights in Data Wrangling

March 16, 2017

Over the past couple weeks, Trifacta has been at the center of some pretty big news. First, we were announced as the #1 vendor in Dresner’s End User Data Preparation Market Study, a comprehensive evaluation driven by Dresner’s findings and user feedback, for the third year in a row. Then came the launch of Google…

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Alation + Trifacta: Navigating & Wrangling Data

March 15, 2017

Alation Inc., the collaborative data company, and Trifacta, the global leader in data wrangling, expanded their partnership to include the joint delivery of an integrated solution for self-service data discovery and preparation. The following is a guest blog post from Alation CEO Satyen Sangani.  I’m excited to announce an expansion in our partnership with Trifacta.  …

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Trifacta Wrangles its Way to the Top

March 13, 2017

It’s great to see the first-ever Forrester Wave covering data preparation, with Trifacta placed up and to the right in a Leader position. Check out the full report here. Download the report The big news here is that this initial Wave recognizes the “data preparation tools market is growing and evolving.”1 Innovative research analysts have been…

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A New Cloud-Based Data Prep Solution from Google & Trifacta

March 9, 2017

Today, we’re excited to announce our collaboration with Google to create Google Cloud Dataprep, the latest offering available on Google Cloud Platform for data preparation. Since the founding research at Stanford and UC Berkeley that led to the creation of the data preparation category, our team at Trifacta has prided itself on continuing to push…

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Trifacta is #1 in Dresner’s End User Data Prep Market Study

March 6, 2017

Today, Dresner Advisory Services unveiled its third annual End User Data Preparation Market Study that provides an in-depth review of the usage trends and feature requests taking hold in the data preparation market. As this market continues to mature, we’ve watched Dresner’s findings shift year-over-year to reflect an increased recognition and use of data preparation….

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What’s the difference between Data Wrangling and ETL?

February 16, 2017

Born out of necessity, data wrangling has emerged as a solution used to facilitate and expedite the data analysis process. With the constantly expanding amount of new and diverse data sources, business analysts can easily spend up to 80 percent of their time formatting and standardizing data before ever getting a chance to derive value…

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Unpivot Excel Command: Fading Function in Financial Services & Beyond

February 15, 2017

Pivot and Unpivot Excel Tools Are Powerful and Easy Do you recall before you learned how to unpivot excel at work? Remember the heady days when you were just learning about the awesome capacity of pivot tables in Excel?  You were on a data expedition: no longer just a windward sailor trying to stay afloat, but…

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Data Standardization: Key to Scaling Analytics in a Digital, Social World

February 14, 2017

To make data useful for collaborative study, modeling, and large-scale analytics, data standardization is a necessary process. Standardizing data—such as matching the terms “Ave vs. Avenue vs. Ave.” to “Ave.”—increases the speed at which data analysts can work. The need for data standardization has grown exponentially as data sources become more and more diverse, regardless…

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New Year, New Wrangler

January 26, 2017

Quite a bit has happened since the initial launch of Trifacta Wrangler in 2015. From a Data Science Masters student at Columbia University using Wrangler to uncover new insights in flood data, to a data management professor at the University of Twente leveraging Wrangler for a workshop on data wrangling, we’ve been amazed at what the…

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Expansion and Innovation in Wrangling: Reflection on 2016

December 29, 2016

As 2016 comes to a close and we head into the New Year, we’re taking a moment to reflect on some of the milestones we shared throughout the year with our partners and our Wrangler community. With a focus on continued innovation, we delivered two product launches and introduced the groundbreaking Photon Compute Engine providing…

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Leveraging On-Cluster Visualization for Faster Insights

December 7, 2016

We’ve talked a lot about the data lake ecosystem on our blog to help organizations accelerate adoption and spearhead new data lake-driven initiatives. In this post, we expand upon best-of-breed data lake architecture by explaining how modern BI and visualization tools have adapted to support the data lake concept. Let’s assume that you’ve managed to…

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Data Wrangling for Data-Driven Marketing

December 6, 2016

Marketing departments know the value of data. After all, Marketing has been on the forefront of gleaning insights from data to foster positive relationships with new and existing customers and ultimately increase conversion rates and revenue. Harnessing data to more accurately target potential customers, personalize customer engagement in real time, and improve customer loyalty is…

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Garbage In, Garbage Out: Why Data Quality Matters

December 2, 2016

Reliable data quality is required for strategic decision-making when we are working with organizational data in an enterprise. The phrase “garbage in, garbage out” is well known to those who wrangle data. And without good data, you cannot have good analysis.  From entering, storing, pulling, and analyzing data, quality can become compromised at any point….

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Data Wrangling for Insurance

November 11, 2016

Increasingly, the insurance industry is turning its sights on big data and advanced analytics. Just four years ago, only 9% of insurers were investing in big data projects, which jumped to 25% in 2014, illustrating the industry’s burgeoning big data interests. Today, big data is considered a “game-changer” by almost 40% of insurers. Additionally, a…

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Tracking Data Lineage in Financial Services

November 4, 2016

With stringent regulations and heightened security concerns, today’s organizations must keep a close eye on their data—where it’s going, where it’s been, and how, exactly, it was transformed. Called “data lineage,” being able to trace the footprints of an organization’s data usage is key to effective data management. It allows organizations to ask questions such…

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JSON Transformation & Why We Need to Transform JSON

November 4, 2016

A JSON transformation is needed when integrating disparate data together, typically web-based data with information pulled from internal databases or applications. A marketing data analyst, for example, will need social media data (in JSON format) pulled and combined (transformed) with more traditional CRM data (csv format) culled from non-web sources. In other words, in today’s data-wrangling…

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Taking Data Wrangling to the Edge

November 1, 2016

With the official launch of Wrangler Edge, today marks an exciting point in time for our team at Trifacta as well as our partners, customers and user community. Adding Edge to the company’s product portfolio is significant because it marks the first time in the company’s history that we will be offering a commercial edition…

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Data Innovator’s Series: William Foley, Chief Data Officer

October 28, 2016

Though “big data” has been a buzzword for quite some time, it’s easy to forget that the industry is still relatively new with plenty of potential to grow—IDC predicts that big data and analytics sales will reach $187 billion by 2019. Fueling this growth are the forward-thinking data professionals that invest in new technologies, hone…

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Three Instances When Excel Breaks Down with Big Data

October 28, 2016

Excel launched in 1985, when companies dealt in megabytes and the concept of regularly crunching terabytes or even petabytes of data was unheard of. Today, big data is the norm. A 2015 Gartner survey determined that more than 75% of companies are investing or planning to invest in big data in the next two years….

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Data Wrangling in Accounting

October 27, 2016

Long before data-driven decision making became indispensable to every business function, accountants were scouring through numbers that would inform key financial decisions. In a sense, they are the original data nerds. The life of the accountant has always revolved around measuring data that serves as guideposts for the business. Today, however, with the rise of…

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Best Practices for Developing a Master Data Management Strategy

October 18, 2016

Master data management strategy (MDM) refers to the governing procedures for entering, aggregating, consolidating, de-duping, standardizing, and maintaining data en masse throughout an organization. By ensuring control and reliability, MDM creates a single source of master data that can be applied and maintained by many different entities throughout a business.     Companies increasingly need cost…

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Summer at Trifacta: A look into our 2016 internship program

October 14, 2016

With back to school season in full swing, we’d like to take a moment to thank our college interns for their phenomenal work. This summer, we were fortunate enough to bring on several interns supporting our engineering and marketing departments, most in our San Francisco headquarters and one in Berlin! Our intern class of 2016…

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User Behavior Analytics: Best Defense for Internal and External Threats

October 12, 2016

User behavior analytics (UBA) has grown in tandem with big data over the last decade. As the amount of data increases and hacking continues to be a top concern for today’s large companies, UBA will only become more valuable. Still, not all UBA threats are considered equal, and much of the critical work centers around…

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ETL Tools and Data Wrangling: What’s the Difference?

October 5, 2016

The extract, transform, and load process (ETL process), and ETL tools, have been the de facto way to move and transform data within data warehouses since the onset. It was, and for many continues to be, a necessary intermediary between data sources and data warehouse/business intelligence implementations, allowing organizations to extract a variety of datasets…

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Delivering Truly Self-Service Data Connectivity in v4

September 30, 2016

Connecting to data is a fundamental feature of all data tools, which is why we’ve increased the range of connectivity options in our latest release. Starting with support for cloud-based systems like Amazon Redshift and S3 & Microsoft Azure Storage Blob, to more recent support for common relational systems, such as Oracle, Teradata, and SQL…

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Pushing the Boundaries of Performance:
On-the-Fly Data Wrangling at Scale in v4

September 27, 2016

At Trifacta, we’ve always strived to deliver the most immersive, interactive data wrangling experience. With an unmatched visual interface and real-time feedback, we encourage users to explore and discover new insights by leveraging the full context of their data. Now, we’re excited to announce the general availability of Photon, Trifacta’s high-performance data wrangling engine, which…

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Increasing Revenue with Data Monetization: Things to Consider

September 22, 2016

If your business works with big data discovery, chances are you are strategizing ways to monetize that data. Moving forward, the most successful firms will have a clear data monetization strategy and tools that deliver clean and valuable insights on data quickly. So let’s define data monetization, discuss different approaches, and offer key considerations ahead…

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The History and Future of Hadoop Distributions

September 22, 2016

You have heard of Hadoop distributions, but what exactly is it? Apache Hadoop, or Hadoop for short, has forever changed the way we organize and compute big data. Considering how much big data is transforming the way we work, live, and play, it’s hard to believe Hadoop is just a decade old. We will examine…

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Designing with the User In Mind: The v4 Wrangling Experience

September 22, 2016

At Trifacta, we’re committed to making deep investments in the user experience, empowering those who know the data best to wrangle it themselves. It’s been our mission since day one when co-founder Jeffrey Heer, who helped develop D3.js, infused his deep visualization expertise into the product to create an intuitive experience for non-technical users. Today,…

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Our Most Significant Release Yet for Any User, Any Data and Any Cloud

September 20, 2016

Today, we’re excited to announce the release of Trifacta v4, which marks a huge step forward in our continued focus on putting the power of data wrangling into the hands of the people who have the most context and understanding of the data. You can read our official announcement in the press release here, and…

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Data Wrangling and Visualization on a Future-Proof Platform

September 12, 2016

Trifacta and Hortonworks’ partnership is committed to accelerating the adoption of open source enterprise Apache Hadoop. With Trifacta, Hortonworks Data Platform users are able to work with their data more efficiently and productively. In anticipation of our upcoming PepsiCo webinar with Tableau, Hortonworks VP of Industry Solutions Eric Thorsen blogged on data wrangling and visualization,…

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Tableau Software from the Early Days: Tableau’s first intern reflects

September 8, 2016

Tableau made headlines recently for appointing a new CEO and much of the conversation about the company focuses on the company’s stock performance and market share. What shouldn’t get forgotten in all of this chatter is what Tableau has managed to accomplish: bringing the thrill of visually exploring data to a much broader audience. I…

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What’s the Difference Between Structured and Unstructured Data?

August 24, 2016

Structured and unstructured data are both used extensively in big data analysis. Historically, because of limited processing capability, inadequate memory, and high data-storage costs, utilizing structured data was the only means to manage data effectively. More recently, unstructured data analytics sources have skyrocketed in use due to the increased availability of storage and the sheer…

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3rd Party Data: The Difficulty of Cleaning & Trusting Unfamiliar Data

August 23, 2016

Today, 3rd-party data is the name of the game. Organizations increasingly must explore, structure, and combine vast amounts of unfamiliar data from multiple sources, such as marketing and sales technology, government data, and data from business partners or clients. A recent Forbes article cites a study in which data scientists estimated that they spend almost…

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Attacking Money Laundering with Advanced Data Wrangling

August 23, 2016

Globally, money laundering accounts for losses of up to $2 trillion annually. Financial services institutions are firing back by investing in money laundering detection systems. According to PriceWaterhouseCoopers, the annual growth rate for anti money-laundering (AML) spend is expected to grow by $8B in 2017—mostly for AML detection systems, as well as for managing compliance with…

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The Limits of VLOOKUP (And How To Solve Them)

August 19, 2016

How did we get along before VLOOKUP? Merging, reconciling, and combining information from multiple sources required some pretty technical training to do before Excel changed our lives.  As awesome as VLOOKUP is, though, it has its limitations, some of which are only apparent if you spend a lot of time with it—or in the case…

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How To Reduce Your Compliance Budget—Without Increasing Your Compliance Risk

August 18, 2016

BCBS, GSIB, SFIB and SIFI Compliance Costs Are Rising Due to post-Dodd-Frank regulation proliferation, compliance costs for banking and financial services institutions are skyrocketing. According to the Financial Times, some banks have added as much as $4B in expenses related to compliance technology and staff, especially those designated as Globally Systemically Important Banks (GSIB). One…

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Data Mining and Predictive Analytics: From Insight To Action

August 9, 2016

Data mining and predictive analytics are a winning combination for business success.  But you can’t get to the latter without the former. You have to have data mining to find insights and relationships, but it’s predictive analytics that takes those insights and turns them into consistent, scalable action that improves your organization. Data mining is…

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Not Your Dad’s Analytics and Business Intelligence

August 6, 2016

The world of analytics and business intelligence is changing. The explosion of size, scale, and variability of data mean that companies can no longer afford to rely on outdated tools to cope with increasingly complex data. The best ideas today won’t come from two-dimensional row and column analytics and business intelligence tools locked in functional…

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Visual Data Analysis: The Treasure Map In Your Office

August 4, 2016

If you ever dreamed about finding hidden treasure, you’re going to love visual data analysis. Your business has hidden treasure, but it’s hidden in your data warehouse—visual data analysis is your secret map to finding it. Read on, if you dare. . . X Marks The Spot: Visual Data Analysis In Action We all know…

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Guest Post – Self-Service is Key to Unlocking the Potential of Big Data

July 28, 2016

Keylink Technologies is an Australian-based software company that allows users to manage the exploding volumes of data from customer, product, financial transaction and other sources from today’s era of Big Data. These expert data wranglers have shared their thoughts on Trifacta Wrangler and are gracious enough to let us repost their original blog post on self-service data preparation…

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Interactive Data Visualization

July 27, 2016

Interactive data visualization tools that deliver your data in a graphically compelling, easy-to-understand way is critical for navigating today’s complex sea of data. Every part of your organization now requires interactive data visualization to make decisions and to do strategic planning. There was a time when just displaying data in a spreadsheet with a few…

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Guest Post – Data Wrangling Workshop for Creative Technology

July 27, 2016

Maurice Van Keulen is an Associate Professor of Data Management Technology at the University of Twente, where he hosted a Trifacta workshop for his students in a non-computer science course. He blogged on the workshop and his students’ experience and we are grateful to receive his permission to repost his original piece here. To read his other blogs as well as projects…

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A 360° View of Your Customers: At Last, Living Up To The Hype

July 25, 2016

We have heard of the promise of customer 360° view before. Every year, at every marketing conference, someone is proclaiming that this year is the year of the customer. (Savvy marketers think in reply: “Well, isn’t every year the year of the customer?”) There might be articles that pre-date even this, but here’s one from 2002 already tired of…

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Trifacta Sits Down with Infosys & Tableau to Discuss the Wrangler Partner Program

July 22, 2016

A few months back we officially launched the Wrangler Partner Program, the largest global data preparation ecosystem, with lofty goals to expand the number of reseller, technology, and consulting partners that we work with. The program is a testament to our partners as much as our own success—by bringing together best-of-breed technologies and services, we’ve…

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How Trifacta Has Driven Innovation in Financial Services From Its Beginning

July 18, 2016

“If data analysis ever hopes to scale at the rate of technologies for storing and processing data, the lives of data scientists are going to need to get a lot more interesting.” —Sean Kandel, Trifacta Co-Founder and CTO Once upon a time, Trifacta Co-Founder Sean Kandel worked as a data analyst on the Energy team at…

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Problem with Your Droid? Predictive Maintenance to the Rescue

July 18, 2016

What does Star Wars have in common with predictive maintenance software? In Episode IV, there’s a moment where C-3PO saves himself and R2-D2 from the Storm Troopers by claiming, “All the excitement has overloaded the circuitry of my counterpart. If you don’t mind, I’m going to take him down to maintenance.” C-3PO may have been…

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How Big Data Creates Big Errors in Excel

July 1, 2016

If Excel were a person, it’d be old enough to run for the U.S. Senate. When a piece of software survives for that long, it’s because it offers something useful and valuable to the world. But as data advances to new heights in size and complexity, Excel is beginning to show its age. The simple…

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How to Wrangle Third-Party Data In Record Time

June 28, 2016

Working with your own data is challenging enough, but today, most organizations rely upon some form of third-party data, too. Whether it’s data from multiple retail partners to understand sales inventory planning or a variety of cancer research data to develop new clinical trials, organizations must quickly explore, structure, and combine unfamiliar data—and that’s not…

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Data Discovery Tools: The Wave of the Future

June 23, 2016

As more companies demand big data backed decision making, data discovery tools are rising to the occasion. Every single business function now needs access to user-friendly, robust data discovery tools, along with quick, easy-to-understand analysis output. Ride The Big Data Wave With Data Discovery Tools In less than ten years, big data has become the…

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Data Cleaning Techniques Make Databases Sparkle

June 23, 2016

Without data cleaning techniques, your data can get ugly, and your analysis might be incomplete. “Dirty” data is sometimes hard to find and eradicate, but data cleaning techniques are the elbow grease that ensures spotless analysis. Let’s take a look at what data cleaning is, why it’s important, and how data cleaning techniques can deliver…

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Data Preparation For Data Mining

June 21, 2016

Data preparation for data mining is a critical step to take in any big data effort. Sometimes, beginner data analysts are tempted to be less thorough in data preparation for data mining, either because they lack time or training or because they believe their data is “good enough,” not taking into account how it might…

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The Cost of Expired Data (And What to Do About It)

June 17, 2016

Your business gathers data from multiple sources en masse to derive insights. All of this information is valuable—retailer data, stock reports, security reports—but for certain initiatives, this data also carries an expiration date. That doesn’t mean you’ll never use it again. But when determining which product to put on shelves or what stock to invest…

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Managing Big Data With Tableau Hadoop

June 16, 2016

In the age of big data, the dynamic duo of Tableau Hadoop harnesses the power of real-time data visualization, analyzing and sharing, without any delays or latency issues. Everyone wants to be able to connect to their data source, wherever it may be housed, with the ability to analyze and share it on the fly….

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It’s Not How Big Your Data Is. It’s How Fast You Can Use It.

June 13, 2016

Does it feel like you spend far more time preparing data to be analyzed than actually analyzing it? You aren’t alone. Forrester estimates up to 80% of most analysts’ time is spent preparing data. Data preparation takes so much time because for the most part, you have only two options: Current Option A: Wait For…

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Cloudera Hadoop For Business Transformation

June 9, 2016

What is Cloudera Hadoop? To understand Cloudera Hadoop, it’s helpful to start with the current state of data in many organizations. One analogy of Cloudera Hadoop is a regional water supply system—imagine if a supply came not from one pristine aquifer, but a series of swimming pools, ponds, puddles, and streams scattered, and often in…

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Why Business Executives Should Back a Data Lake Investment

June 2, 2016

Let’s be honest—the tech industry has gotten really good at creating new concepts and over-promising their results. “Big data” and “data lakes” have been trending buzzwords for the past five years, but is there any evidence of benefits that justify its adoption? To start, it’s clear that business leaders rely on data, at least in…

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The New Competitive Differentiator? Your Data

May 27, 2016

Whether you’re in government or retail, healthcare or financial services, telecom or consumer products, your business is changing—and the amount of data available to you is increasing exponentially. The rise of social media, the Internet of Things (IoT), and online transactions has produced a wealth of valuable new data. But are you using it—and, more…

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The Data Lake Ecosystem: Unique Data Ingestion Challenges—And How to Solve Them

May 25, 2016

In this four-part series, we’ll explore the data lake ecosystem—its various components, supporting technologies, and how to best outfit your lake for success. Our second post talked about data ingestion, and now we’ll take a deeper dive by hearing from Trifacta partner StreamSets.   Your business has decided to build a data lake, or a cost-effective,…

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Trifacta Launches the World’s Largest Data Wrangling Ecosystem

May 24, 2016

At Trifacta, we’re proud to be the number one data wrangling solution in the three categories that matter the most: number of customers (3,000+ companies and 14,000+ users use Trifacta today), by analysts (we’re ranked #1 in data prep by Dresner Advisory Services & Bloor Research), and now by partners (we’ve built the world’s largest data…

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Why Hadoop Data Architects Must Be Salespeople

May 19, 2016

Data architects are expected to create the blueprint for data management. Their world typically revolves around technology—selecting, integrating, and implementing—as well as careful considerations for governance and security. Increasingly, that technology repertoire has included Hadoop, which delivers greater data storage with increased flexibility, offering their business the ability to connect the dots between complex data…

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The Dos and Don’ts of Big Data Success

May 18, 2016

As a technology that bridges data storage/processing platforms with visualization tools, our team at Trifacta has seen our fair share of big data stack implementations. Sometimes, customers already have one piece of their complete; other times, they’re starting from scratch. Architecting a modern environment typically means Hadoop is involved in some way, shape, or form,…

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From Raw to Refined: Mapping Users to Your Data Lake (Part 2)

May 11, 2016

In this two-part series, we’re talking about the Hadoop data lake, both in terms of the necessary components and people involved. Our first post covered the different staging areas of the lake and what they should accomplish.  Data is flowing into businesses faster than ever. From marketing to customer support to operations, each part of…

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The Data Lake Ecosystem: Data Ingestion

May 10, 2016

In this four-part series, we’ll explore the data lake ecosystem—its various components, supporting technologies, and how to best outfit your lake for success. In our first post, we discussed how creating a data catalog in partnership with data wrangling instills data governance. Now, we’ll talk about the other side of data preparation: data ingestion. Fig…

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From Raw to Refined: The Staging Areas of Your Data Lake (Part 1)

May 9, 2016

In this two-part series, we’re talking about the Hadoop data lake, both in terms of the necessary components and people involved. Our first post covers the different staging areas of the lake and what they should accomplish. Our second post is now up – check it out to continue learning about the roles each person plays…

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Trifacta + Cloudera: Empowering Consumer Packaged Goods Organizations to Drive Innovation with Data

May 5, 2016

The consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry is notoriously volatile, with razor-thin profit margins and high competition. Companies must continually track shipments, warehouse stock, and consumer trends to accurately forecast sales and fine-tune their supply chains as necessary. In all of this, of course, big data is instrumental—CPG organizations rely on huge volumes of the most…

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How to Rescue Your Business Analysts from Excel Hell

May 4, 2016

Using Excel to wrangle big data is like using scissors to mow your lawn. But in many companies, business analysts use it anyway. Often, it’s what they know best and there’s no time to learn a new tool. Or, perhaps it’s “good enough” to use as their database, for data preparation, and as their visualization…

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The Data Lake Ecosystem: How to Govern a Growing Data Lake

May 3, 2016

In this four-part series, we’ll explore the data lake ecosystem—its various components, supporting technologies, and how to best outfit your lake for success. In our first post, we explain how to instill governance on a growing data lake, with added insight from our partner Waterline Data. As the variety of data that organizations want to…

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Why Data Wrangling is Key to Avoiding a “Frozen” Data Lake

April 29, 2016

When one of the biggest healthcare providers designed and implemented a data lake, they had big expectations. This was an obvious solution to storing its variety of data sources—semi-structured reports, unstructured physicians’ notes, plus volumes of spreadsheet data—in their native formats, which they couldn’t do in a traditional data warehousing scenario. With a data lake,…

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Matt Derda Talks IT-led Success at PepsiCo and Joining Trifacta

April 25, 2016

Matt Derda first discovered Trifacta at PepsiCo, where he was a CPFR (Collaborative Planning, Forecasting and Replenishment) Analyst. With Trifacta, Matt’s team accelerated the preparation of customer supply chain data by 90% to more accurately and quickly forecast sales. He became a huge advocate for Trifacta, even telling his story at Strata + Hadoop world….

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5 Ways Trifacta Helps You Free Up Time for Signal Hunting

April 22, 2016

Dan Woods is CTO and founder of CITO Research. He has written more than 20 books about the strategic intersection of business and technology. Dan writes about data science, cloud computing, mobility, and IT management in articles, books, and blogs, as well as in his popular column on This is the fourth and final segment of his…

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Using Trifacta Wrangler to Prepare Banking Lines Analysis Pt 2

April 20, 2016

Jean-Philippe Gouigoux has spent several years as the lead technical project manager specializing in debugging, software architecture and integration of R&D. He has authored numerous published works and is currently working on a book. You’re tuning into part two of his blog, the first of which is published on our site here. You can also…

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The Two Keys to a Functional Data Lake

April 19, 2016

Today, organizations are increasingly investing in data lakes for increased storage, as well as the ability to store native formats in a single environment. In theory, data lakes offer increased flexibility. But in practice, highly technical Hadoop infrastructure can often feel gated by IT and inaccessible to the rest of the business. Strict processes must…

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Using Trifacta Wrangler to Prepare Banking Lines Analysis Pt 1

April 15, 2016

Jean-Philippe Gouigoux has spent several years as the lead technical project manager specializing in debugging, software architecture and integration of R&D. He has authored numerous published works and is currently working on a book. You can view his blog here for updates on his book as well as the French translation of this article. Be…

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How Business Analysts Can Become Better Signal Hunters

April 15, 2016

Dan Woods is CTO and founder of CITO Research. He has written more than 20 books about the strategic intersection of business and technology. Dan writes about data science, cloud computing, mobility, and IT management in articles, books, and blogs, as well as in his popular column on His previous works from his signal hunting series include…

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Forrester, GoPro, and Dresner Team Up With Trifacta for April Webinars!

April 9, 2016

April is a busy month for Trifacta! We’re gearing up for three webinars that deliver the latest insights in data wrangling, with help from customers, partners, and esteemed analysts. From the idea of “self-service” data wrangling—or how business users can gain access to raw data—to GoPro’s full-stack solution to the latest research in data wrangling…

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Immediacy Shows Real Importance at Strata San Jose: Trifacta’s Event Recap

April 7, 2016

Last week, we attended Strata + Hadoop World 2016 in San Jose, a short jaunt from our San Francisco headquarters. Not only were we excited to meet with attendees and learn from engaging sessions, but we came bearing big news—we launched Photon, an enhancement at the core of our data wrangling interface that provides users…

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Data, More Data and Even More Data: How to get to the Value?

April 6, 2016

Bert Oosterhof brings 40+ years of IT experience to his position as EMEA Field CTO and Advisor at Trifacta. Prior to joining Trifacta, Bert was at Informatica and founded two separate advisory companies, which he continues to run today. His expertise is in databases, data integration and data governance. As the Trifacta team in Europe…

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What is Signal Hunting? An Explanation for Business Analysts

April 1, 2016

Dan Woods is CTO and founder of CITO Research. He has written more than 20 books about the strategic intersection of business and technology. Dan writes about data science, cloud computing, mobility, and IT management in articles, books, and blogs, as well as in his popular column on Check out his previous blog on why you should…

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Breaking Bad Data at Strata San Jose

March 25, 2016

We’re headed to Strata + Hadoop World at the San Jose Convention Center! Stop by our booth to see a demo of Trifacta Wrangler and learn more about data wrangling from the experts. We’ll be hosting a great number of giveaways, including gift cards from Starbucks, iTunes and Amazon, a series set of Breaking Bad,…

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Why You Should Empower Analysts to Wrangle Their Own Data

March 25, 2016

Dan Woods is CTO and founder of CITO Research. He has written more than 20 books about the strategic intersection of business and technology. Dan writes about data science, cloud computing, mobility, and IT management in articles, books, and blogs, as well as in his popular column on An important recent trend has been the move toward…

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Trifacta Expands Federal Market Presence with Key Partnerships

March 15, 2016

For organizations in various industries, Trifacta plays a key role in unlocking the potential of their data to drive big data initiatives forward. From healthcare to telecommunications to consumer goods, each company has its own challenges and unique goals that Trifacta supports. Now, I’m excited to announce that our customer reach is even more expansive—we’re…

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The Results Are In! Unboxing the 2016 Dresner Data Preparation Study

March 10, 2016  |  Paige Schaefer

The data preparation market is growing at a fast clip—Gartner predicts that it will reach $1 billion by 2019, with 30% of organizations adopting some form of self-service data preparation. To better understand this expanding market, Dresner Advisory Services, a research firm led by former Gartner analyst Howard Dresner (who coined the technology term business…

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Self-Service Data Preparation Takes Center Stage at the Gartner BI Summit

March 8, 2016  |  Joe Scheuermann

Next week, Data & Analytics professionals will be gathering in Grapevine, Texas for the 2016 Gartner Business Intelligence & Analytics Summit. In addition to Silicon Valley Legend, Guy Kawasaki, the event will feature Gartner Research VP, Rita Sallam, who will be keynoting the event with Gartner Fellow, Frank Buytendijk. They’ll discuss how the pervasive nature…

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New Features in Trifacta Wrangler

March 3, 2016

Today we are excited to introduce to you a new round of updates to Trifacta Wrangler! One of the benefits of our hybrid architecture is that it can deploy automatic software updates. Here are some highlights of the new features you’ll be able to experience the next time you open Wrangler. Reuse your transformations on…

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A Taste of Spark: Profiling

February 23, 2016  |  Amelia Arbisser

Since the product’s early days, Trifacta has leveraged Hadoop for large scale batch processing. Trifacta supports several types of batch workloads. The most prominent is transformation, in which we take the wrangling steps our customers author and execute them on their data. Another such workload is profiling. Automatic profiling of data is one of the most powerful…

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Wrangling Exercise Bike Data

February 18, 2016  |  Lars Grammel

Getting in better shape and losing weight are important to many people – in fact, they are the top 2 New Year resolutions. For me, it was no different, one of my goals for 2016 is to exercise more. However, many resolutions do not last long, with less than 50% of them making it past…

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Guest Post – Living in Data

February 11, 2016  |  Frank Artale

The following guest blog post is from Trifacta investor and board member Frank Artale. Frank has been a managing partner at Ignition Partners since 2011, where he focuses on enterprise software investments including products related to big data and cloud. His career in software began in 1984 where he has since been VP of business development at Citrix, founder…

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Trifacta Lassos Financing to Spur Growth in Data Wrangling

February 9, 2016  |  Adam Wilson

The last twelve months have been transformative for Trifacta and for the customers using our solutions to solve their complex data wrangling challenges. In 2015 alone, we grew our enterprise customer base over 10x and increased bookings by 700% with household brands such as Pepsi, RBS, Kaiser Permanente, TeliaSonera, and Juniper Networks. The success of…

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Guest Post – Question Time: Behind the Scenes with Trifacta

January 29, 2016  |  Daniel Reed

Process, Business and Data Analyst at OptimalBI Daniel Reed takes a second look at Trifacta in his ‘Question Time‘ series. If you’ve been following along with OptimalBi’s journey through Trifacta, you’ve read Reed’s insights on learning to code with Trifacta as well as his colleagues’ thoughts on how to get started, the data wrangling process, and navigating unfamiliar data….

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Intelligence to Automate Common Data Structuring

January 13, 2016  |  Sebastian Jambor

It is well-known that data analysts spend 80% of their time on preparing data to make it available for analysis, and only 20% on the actual analysis. Our goal at Trifacta is to drastically change that ratio so that you can spend more time on the actual analysis. The first step in making data available…

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Wrangling in the New Year

December 22, 2015  |  Joe Scheuermann

The end of a very exciting year approaches. Here at Trifacta, the year encompassed a number of significant milestones, including the launch of V3 of Trifacta Wrangler Enterprise, the unveiling of the free desktop version of our product, Trifacta Wrangler, and the launch of operations in Europe with the opening of offices in London and…

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Guest Post – First: The Unreliable Data Source

December 18, 2015  |  Melanie Butler

OptimalBI has taken us through their experiences and perspectives on using Trifacta, from getting started and learning how to “code” to wrangling their data. Today’s guest post is by OptimalBI’s Data Navigator Melanie Butler, originally from her OptimalBI blog on her experience cleaning unfamiliar data. We’d love to hear and share how you use Trifacta –…

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The 6 Steps of Wrangling Insurance Data

December 14, 2015  |  Cindy Maike  |  Paige Schaefer

In this post, Cindy Maike, General Manager for Insurance Solutions at Hortonworks and Paige Schaefer, Product Marketing Associate at Trifacta, teamed up to discuss Big Data Wrangling in the insurance industry. Trifacta is a Hortonworks Certified Technology partner and most recently received the Hortonworks Industry Certification for Retail and Insurance verticals. To learn more about our…

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Why a Data-Driven World Needs a New Approach to Metadata

December 10, 2015  |  Joe Hellerstein

In the evolving context of the data-driven enterprise—which is so often focused on agile analytics and structure-on-use—we need a new approach to metadata services. In this post, I’ll explain why metadata services are stuck in the past, and what we need to support modern use cases. Metadata Management Then & Now In 20th Century enterprises,…

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Trifacta is Open for Business in Europe

December 7, 2015  |  Jeremy Perlman

As the business lead for Trifacta’s operations in Europe, I am excited to officially announce Trifacta’s expansion into the region with offices in London and Berlin. Although today marks our official launch in the region, our team has been extremely active over the past year working with European customers and partners. The enormous success we…

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Guest Post – Use Trifacta to Wrangle Your Data

December 2, 2015  |  Barry Stevens

As you can tell by now, we love hearing how Trifacta Wrangler is being used in the wild. OptimalBI’s team has blogged on their personal experiences with Trifacta Wrangler and how to get started, both of which we are fortunate to get to share here. Today’s piece is by Barry Stevens, also known as the Preventer of Chaos,…

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Designing Visualization Tools: From Data Wrangling to Exploration

November 24, 2015  |  Jeffrey Heer

The current “big data” era has lead to a proliferation of new technologies that enable a broader base of users to consume and analyze data. In large part, this has been brought about by the advancement and popularity of data visualization. We’ve moved beyond traditional dashboards and are now incorporating data visualizations into nearly every…

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Guest Post – Getting Started with Trifacta

November 19, 2015  |  Daniel Reed

OptimalBI Limited has been hard at work creating data visualizations with Trifacta Wrangler. Recently, AgileBi Architect Shane Gibson blogged his experience using Trifacta Wrangler to transform data without coding. Today, we get another opportunity to share a fellow OptimalBI member’s Trifacta experience – Daniel Reed is a Process, Business and Data Analyst who has allowed us to repost his OptimalBI blog. If you’d…

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4 Key Steps to Sanity Checking Your Data

November 17, 2015  |  Connor Carreras

As a Customer Success Manager at Trifacta, I spend most of my time helping our customers wrangle their raw, big data into business insights. On these data wrangling projects, it’s tempting to jump straight into the most interesting problems, but to produce the most accurate results, we should start by performing a set of basic…

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Guest Post – Trifacta = I Can Code!

November 5, 2015  |  Shane Gibson

We love to hear stories about how people use Trifacta out in the wild. Recently, Shane Gibson, an AgileBI Architect at Optimalbi Limited wrote about his experience using Trifacta Wrangler on the Optimalbi blog. We’re fortunate that Shane has allowed us to repost his piece on our blog. If you’d like to share your experience using Trifacta…

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Data Wrangling to the People

October 19, 2015  |  Alon Bartur

I still remember the first time I saw Data Wrangler, Trifacta CTO Sean Kandel’s graduate research project at Stanford. It was the middle of the night in a hotel room in Prague and I was thirty minutes away from my first phone call with Wei Zheng, Trifacta’s VP of Product. I had just spent the…

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Six Core Data Wrangling Activities

October 2, 2015  |  Tye Rattenbury

With the growing adoption of big data infrastructure technologies like Hadoop has come increased awareness of the different activities involved in successful Hadoop-based analyses. Specifically, users have come to appreciate that “data wrangling” is a crucial first step in preparing data for broader analysis – and one that consumes a significant amount of time and…

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Addressing the Growing Need for Data Wrangling Education

September 29, 2015  |  Natalie Hoang

Tye Rattenbury, Trifacta’s Director of Data Science and Solutions Engineering, along with Trifacta’s co-founders, Joseph Hellerstein, Jeffrey Heer and Sean Kandel, have been busy authoring a book — “Data Wrangling: Techniques and Concepts for Agile Analytics — which is previewing at Strata NYC right now. In this blog, we sit down with Tye to understand…

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Trifacta at Strata: PepsiCo, v3, metadata, visualization experts, droids, and… a crab?

September 28, 2015  |  Joe Scheuermann

Much of the Hadoop world is gathered this week at Strata + Hadoop World in New York; including, of course, the Trifacta team, who is anxious to show off the new release of our flagship data wrangling software, Trifacta v3. The software takes both enterprise data governance and ease of use to entirely new levels in Hadoop, and it’s…

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Enterprise Data Governance for Data Wrangling in Trifacta v3

September 25, 2015  |  Sean Ma

Over the past few days, my colleagues have used this space to describe Trifacta v3, the most important release in our company’s history. In these posts, we have focused on two major ways our v3 release is helping enterprises deliver more analytic value out of their Big Data investments: Phil Vander Broek’s post talked about adding interface options…

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User Empowerment in Trifacta v3

September 23, 2015  |  Phil Vander Broek

Imagine: what if non-technical analysts could more easily transform data in a way that doesn’t feel like writing a script or query? What if a technical user could accomplish their complex data wrangling task in 20 seconds instead of 5 minutes due to the help of smart algorithms and good user experience? How can a…

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Introducing Trifacta v3 – Where User Empowerment Meets Enterprise Data Governance

September 22, 2015  |  Wei Zheng

Today, we’re excited to announce Trifacta v3, the most significant release in our company’s history. You can read the official press release here; it explains the benefits Trifacta v3 will bring not only to end users, but also to the IT departments managing these environments at the growing number of enterprises investing in Hadoop to…

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Wrangling Runners: JP Morgan Corporate Challenge

September 18, 2015  |  Alon Bartur

Last week a few of us from Trifacta ran in the J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge. The race is a charity event that donated over $700,000 dollars last year towards a number of not-for-profit organizations. Each racer in the event wears a number with an embedded chip that records their time and the race organizers post…

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Data Wrangling in Pharma & Life Sciences

September 17, 2015  |  Tye Rattenbury

In this blog, Trifacta’s Director of Data Science and Solution Engineering Tye Rattenbury chats with Brian Ellerman, Sanofi’s Head of Technology Scouting & Innovation. Sanofi is a global healthcare leader with sectors in research, development, and pharmaceutical and therapeutic manufacturing and marketing.  At Trifacta, we want to revolutionize the way people and organizations work with data. Our first…

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Meet the Trifacta Data Wrangling Success Team

September 4, 2015  |  Connor Carreras

Trifacta has always been focused on the user experience; connecting people to data is a core part of our company’s DNA. Every team in Trifacta, from engineering to marketing, cares deeply about the human aspect of data wrangling. But the team that pays the most attention to making data wrangling easy (and fun!) is the…

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Wrangling Data in Financial Services

August 30, 2015

Walking the halls of financial services institutions for the last 8 years as a consultant in data strategy has given me an opportunity to participate in a multitude of data projects. The spectrum ranges from standard data warehousing projects to those focused on creating a 360 degree view of the customer. More recently, CCAR and…

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Guest Post – Knowledgent’s TeKathon Using Trifacta for Financial Services Analytics

August 26, 2015  |  Marjon Rahimian

Marjon Rahimian, Informationist at Knowledgent, blogs on the Financial Services team of this year’s TeKathon II. Knowledgent analytics firm had two teams – one Health and Life Sciences and another Financial – learn Trifacta software in order to challenge them to a data wrangling contest. With the added challenges of real-world constraints of time and resources, each team’s…

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Guest Post – Knowledgent’s TeKathon Using Trifacta for Health and Life Sciences Analytics

August 20, 2015  |  Jeff Evernham

Jeff Everham, Informationalist at Knowledgent, blogs on the company’s recent TeKathon (Knowledgent’s version of an analysis hackathon) using Trifacta for Health and Life Sciences analytics in this guest blog post. The analytics firm had two teams–one Health and Life Sciences and another Financial–learn Trifacta software in order to challenge them to a data wrangling contest. With the added challenges…

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Bad Dates: A Nightmare for Archaeologists and Data Analysts

August 14, 2015  |  Bob Hardaway

One of my favorite movie scenes is from Raiders of the Lost Ark, when an evil capuchin monkey tries to end our protagonist by poisoning his fruit snack. As a treasure seeking Big Data Analyst, I know that ‘bad dates’ can have an equally devastating effect on the hunt for jewels as it does on…

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My Summer Wrangling Data – Part II

August 5, 2015  |  David McNamara

The process of enriching and structuring the Tourney Results dataset is similar that of the Regular Season Results dataset from Part I of my blog post, so I’ll save myself from being redundant and show some of the steps I didn’t picture before. Like before, I’m going to combine my Tourney Results data with the…

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My Summer Wrangling Data – Part I

July 29, 2015

This summer I have had the privilege of spending the last two months interning at Trifacta, working hand-in-hand with the marketing team on a variety of initiatives. I have long been intrigued by big data and all the hype surrounding it, so it was a great opportunity for me to learn a ton about an…

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Exciting things are afoot at Trifacta

July 16, 2015  |  Joe Scheuermann

Ever question whether or not DATA can be exciting? At Trifacta, we live and breathe data every day. And yes, we think it is very exciting. And while data is exciting, our pursuit of radically simplifying the way people work with data, is even more so. In our collective pursuit, there are many exciting things…

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We Have Arrived in Berlin & Are Hiring!

July 14, 2015  |  Lars Grammel

Trifacta is growing! We are delighted to announce the opening of our new branch office in Berlin, Germany. The new office is located in Berlin Mitte, in between Alexanderplatz and Hackescher Markt, close to many amenities and public transit. It currently houses our German software engineering team that is growing rapidly to help support our…

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Data Wrangling & the Art of Beer Recommendation – Part 1

July 9, 2015  |  Rahul Choudhry

As a craft beer enthusiast, every once in a while I seek out friends who might have similar tastes in beers I am interested in trying out. With over 3500 microbreweries in the United States alone, relying solely on friends for beer recommendations is not a scalable approach! Fortunately, we have crowd sourced data of beer…

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Channeling Your Inner Data Wrangler

July 2, 2015  |  Joe Scheuermann

The technology world is guaranteed to always be interesting. And right now is an especially exciting time for tech, because of the emergence of powerful new tools that allow people to work with data in ways that were never previously possible; at least not possible without a lot of time and the ability to write…

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Floating Elephants: Developing Data Wrangling Systems on Docker

June 29, 2015  |  Jeremy Mailen

Technology evolves quickly in the big data ecosystem and deploying the latest tools is a complex undertaking.  At Trifacta, success means developing our data wrangling software against cutting edge systems and maintaining excellent compatibility with data platforms from our technology partners. We need to do this with an efficiency that allows our team to make…

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Wrangling Big Data for Salesforce Analytics Cloud

May 28, 2015  |  Bertrand Cariou

Today, we’re excited to announce our partnership with and our newly released integration between Trifacta and Salesforce Analytics Cloud powered by Wave. With this integration, business users are now able to prepare raw, complex data at scale in Hadoop using Trifacta and seamlessly deliver the output to Salesforce Analytics Cloud for broader downstream analysis….

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Hadoop Summit Session Preview – From Beginner to Expert: Data Wrangling for All

May 26, 2015  |  Alon Bartur

In a preview of Trifacta’s upcoming session at Hadoop Summit, Trifacta’s Alon Bartur previews the session “From Beginner to Expert: Data Wrangling For All” he is presenting along with Trifacta colleagues Jingshu Chen and Joe McKenney.   The data preparation market is growing. As it does, our team at Trifacta understands the importance of building a product that can serve the…

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Wrangling US Flight Data – Part 2

May 25, 2015  |  Lars Grammel

In part 1 of this blog series, I shared how to locate and begin wrangling on-time performance data for flights by US airlines that took place in February 2015 using the free trial version of Trifacta. In this post, I will continue to cleanup the data and enrich it with airport geo-locations and airline names:…

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The Emergence of the Data Preparation Market

May 20, 2015  |  Tye Rattenbury

The following piece from Trifacta Data Scientist Tye Rattenbury was originally published in DBTA’s Big Data Quarterly.  Data preparation is gaining considerable visibility as a distinct aspect of data management and analytics work. With leaders in the analyst community producing the first series of reports on the emerging data preparation market – Dresner Advisory Services, Gartner and Forrester…

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Wrangling US Flight Data – Part 1

May 12, 2015  |  Lars Grammel

In the wake of the recent story on how Qantas Airlines was at risk of losing valuable landing slots at London’s busy Heathrow airport, I became interested in examining flight data across the US to see if I could determine what airlines or airports had the most delays. Finding air-traffic data turns out to be…

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Fundamental Shifts in Information Management

April 29, 2015  |  James Haight

In this guest blog post, Blue Hill Research analyst James Haight provides his thoughts on the dramatic changes taking place in the information management industry. James recently co-authored a report detailing why MarketShare, a global leader in SaaS-based marketing analytics technology, chose Trifacta as a data wrangling solution to enhance data-driven innovation. Click here to download the report….

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Point and Shoot Data Preparation

April 22, 2015  |  Bertrand Cariou

Do you remember analog film cameras? You were always cautious in selecting and shooting pictures. Each picture had to be carefully considered due to the limited number of shots per film and the price of the film itself. Then the film had to be brought to a specialist in order to receive prints of your…

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Wrangling Data for Good

April 12, 2015  |  Jesika Haria

You wouldn’t think spending a weekend at the office would be the start of an adventure to use data to change the world, but exciting things were afoot here at Trifacta’s headquarters the weekend of March 27–28. We had the pleasure of hosting DataKind San Francisco’s first ever DataDive, with three volunteer teams working with…

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First Independent Market Study on End User Data Preparation Shows Customers Are Looking for Solutions & Ranks Trifacta as the Leading Vendor

March 24, 2015  |  Adam Wilson

Our founders had two key insights when they started Trifacta: data preparation had become a source of great pain and inefficiency inside most companies, and that as a result, an entirely new technological approach to the process was necessary. We were delighted to read a recent report that validated both these assumptions — and which…

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Wrangling Public Bike Share Data with The Free Trial of Trifacta

March 8, 2015  |  Wei Zheng

President Obama recently appointed former Trifacta advisor DJ Patil as the nation’s first Chief Data Scientist. As part of his initial charter, Patil has called upon all data scientists and analysts to help wrangle and analyze publicly available data sets, such as the ones posted on, with the goal of enabling governments, organizations and…

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From Strata to Hadoop Summit

February 24, 2015  |  Will Davis

This time last year, our team was celebrating the 1.0 launch of the Trifacta Data Transformation Platform and had the first public unveiling of our product at the Strata Conference in Santa Clara, CA. Needless to say, quite a lot has happened in the past year. Our company has undergone tremendous growth on all fronts –…

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Introducing the Trifacta Trial Program

February 18, 2015  |  Sean Ma

At Trifacta,  we’re focused on removing the pain, inefficiency and technical barriers associated with preparing data of all shapes and sizes for analysis. As more of this data is landing in Hadoop, we find users who want to utilize the data often lack experience writing scripts on this new platform. As a result, they are bottlenecked by their reliance on…

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The Role of Profiling in Data Wrangling

February 12, 2015  |  Adam Silberstein

At Trifacta we’re trying to help our customers wrangle data as quickly and easily as possible, from messy point A to clean point B where data is structured, normalized, and ready for analysis. The only way our users can efficiently get their data into shape is if we can provide feedback along the way that…

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Building Intuitive & Intelligent Interfaces

February 3, 2015  |  Tye Rattenbury

Ever experience the excitement of discovering a deep pattern in a dataset? Or been continually amazed at a predictive engine’s ability to find the right answer? The greatness of working with data is only offset by the soul-crushing tedium of preparing data. (Ok, I might be overstating that a bit, but only a bit.) I…

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Closing the Gap in Big Data Projects

November 30, 2014  |  Adam Wilson

Since joining Trifacta, I’ve had the pleasure of spending time with a number of our customers hearing about how we’re helping them transform data of all shapes and sizes into actionable insight. The demand for self-service analytics on Hadoop has driven tremendous adoption of Trifacta across a variety of industries. Market leaders like Marketshare, Lockheed…

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Visual Profiling for Data Transformation

October 14, 2014  |  Jeffrey Heer

How do you feel when encountering a data set for the first time? Perhaps you may feel the dread of the unknown: what scripting, cleaning and interpretation hurdles await? Or, you may find that the data is so large it renders common tools like spreadsheets useless. Over my career working in data, I have felt…

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Big Data Comes in all Shapes… and Sizes

October 9, 2014  |  Joe Hellerstein

It’s no secret that the aggressive use of data can provide major competitive advantages. Effective data-driven organizations employ technologies that make data easy to capture, and offer that data up for the entire organization to access, understand and analyze. In recent years, it has become clear that these “Big Data” technologies are used for a…

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Wrangling for Tableau

August 28, 2014  |  Sean Kandel

For those who work with data regularly, the problem of “Data Wrangling” can be one of the most frustrating aspects of performing analysis. My first exposure to the real pain associated with data wrangling was my work in quantitative research at Citadel Investment Group. My work revolved around data but much of the data relevant…

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Why Trifacta, Why Now?

July 23, 2014  |  Adam Wilson

I’m incredibly honored and excited to join the team at Trifacta. From the moment I met Joe and saw my first demo of the product, I realized Trifacta was not just building tools to transform data, but rather a company that would help transform an industry. The rise of new data management platforms like Hadoop,…

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Welcoming Adam to Trifacta

July 23, 2014  |  Joe Hellerstein

I’m excited to share today’s announcement that Adam Wilson will be joining Trifacta as CEO, while I take on a new role as Chief Strategy Officer. It’s the next step in a journey that Jeff, Sean and I began over two years ago, based on our joint research at Berkeley and Stanford. The Trifacta mission…

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A Product Perspective

June 23, 2014  |  Alon Bartur

In continuing our employee interview series, we chatted with Product Manager Alon Bartur to discuss why he decided to join Trifacta and what makes product management at the company unique.  What made you decide to join Trifacta? There were a lot of compelling reasons to join Trifacta but the moment that really stands out was…

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Hortonworks and Trifacta Partner to Deliver Data Transformation on HDP 2.1

June 3, 2014  |  Sean Kandel

Blog content originally posted at The most commonly reported use of Hadoop today is data transformation. After standing-up a cluster and scaling it for raw data collection, organizations begin the hard work of preparing various types of data for new analytic use cases. In many Hadoop implementations this process has slowed wider enterprise adoption…

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Zero Time to Wow

May 28, 2014  |  Frank Artale

Today, Ignition became a proud partner and member of the investor team at Trifacta. As early investors in the Big Data revolution (Splunk, Cloudera, Couchbase) we are excited to finally see a product that enables people across disciplines in businesses of any size to “live in their data” without requiring data scientists and teams of…

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Can Numbers Talk?

May 6, 2014  |  Natalie Serrino

This past Sunday, the data scientist Nate Silver spoke at the University of California, Berkeley.  A group of Trifacta employees went to the talk — an exciting event for a group of data science aficionados. For anyone who hasn’t been following Silver, he’s a statistician who makes predictions about topics like sports and politics. Most…

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Celebrating the Small World of Big Data

April 10, 2014  |  Joe Hellerstein

Computing is a small world; data is an even smaller one. It’s small enough that a core group of technology and business leaders can gather in one room to throw a birthday party for a founding figure.  This weekend, we’re celebrating Mike Stonebraker’s 70th birthday in a daylong event at MIT. Everyone is welcome, and…

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Responsive Data Analysis: Hadoop, Trifacta & Data Transformation

April 2, 2014  |  Adam Silberstein

Cloudera’s announcement this morning highlighted the opportunity for Hadoop to have a significant impact on data processing in the enterprise as an Enterprise Data Hub, the central source of data in the enterprise. Trifacta was named along with a large and growing ecosystem of over 100 solutions that are certified with the latest Cloudera distribution…

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Keeping an Eye on the Data: Business Value in Big Data

March 25, 2014

Next week Ralph Kimball is presenting a webinar titled “Building a Hadoop Data Warehouse”. For those of us who have spent a significant amount of time working with data solutions, this is a milestone for Big Data.  Kimball is the “father of business intelligence” and the mind behind data marts, star-schemas, and snowflake data structures…

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Partnering for Transformation in Hadoop

March 18, 2014  |  Joe Hellerstein

As the Hadoop ecosystem has transitioned from an open source experiment to an enterprise solution, it has begun to have significant impact on the way professional data analysts do their work. Hadoop is often looked at as a set of technologies. Equally important is its effect on the analytic process: it is a platform that…

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Big Data Comes to Life (Sciences)

March 15, 2014  |  Sean Kandel

Life science research breakthroughs are driven by access to data.  So it is no surprise that open access to data has often been a discussion in the scientific community.  For many years PLoS, a publisher of seven scientific journals including the largest scientific journal PLoS One, has encouraged the sharing of data among researchers.  But…

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Designing for Humans

March 11, 2014

Blog content adapted from Joe Hellerstein and my Strata keynote: “Big Data Moonshots and Ground Control” Enterprise software is often knocked for being poorly designed. The picture at the top of this post is of ground control during a critical space mission.  If you look closely at the people in that image, you will see…

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Expanding the Big Data Toolbox

March 3, 2014  |  Alex Rasmussen

With the release of Hadoop 2.0, the Hadoop ecosystem is undergoing a major transition. While Hadoop 1.0 provided one general-purpose programming model operating on semi-structured data, Hadoop 2.0 allows for a much larger ecosystem of special-purpose systems, many of which require structured data. It’s worth reflecting on how this transition came about, and the new…

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Thoughts Post-Strata

February 21, 2014  |  Jeffrey Heer

Last week, Trifacta celebrated the 1.0 launch of our Data Transformation Platform at the O’Reilly Strata conference. Strata is a place for the data community – including data scientists, business leaders, tool builders and vendors – to come together, share progress and advance the state-of-the-art. Our team had a blast sharing the Trifacta product and…

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Engineer #1: Adam Silberstein

February 10, 2014  |  Natalie Serrino

I sat down with Adam, Trifacta’s first engineer, to discuss his experience after starting in September 2012. Prior to his role at Trifacta, he worked at LinkedIn and Yahoo! Research, and graduated from Duke with a PhD in Computer Science.

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The Trifacta Transformation Platform

February 4, 2014  |  Joe Hellerstein

You often hear about being at the right place at the right time.  But for the important things in life, the right people matter a lot more. I’ve been thinking and writing about interacting with data ever since my graduate school days. But everything came to a head when I met the right people. I first…

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Data Science: From Hubris and Machismo to Human-Centered Design

January 29, 2014  |  Joe Hellerstein

If you follow discussions of Big Data, you may have heard people bandying about a new phrase: “the death of the data scientist.” The crux of their logic seems to be that technology will automate away the need for data scientists. I’m friendly with many data scientists, and to misquote Mark Twain, I believe rumors…

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Brave New World for Data Transformation

January 27, 2014  |  Wei Zheng

Over the Christmas dinner table, everyone was catching up and chatting about their life stories in 2013.  Then something interesting happened.  For the first time in over a decade, I was able to easily explain to my relatives what I did for a living.  They always knew I worked as a product manager in technology,…

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Preventing Backend Tunnel Vision

January 17, 2014  |  Natalie Serrino

As a backend engineer, I often feel disconnected from end users.  One thing I love about working at Trifacta is how often I get to interface with designers and discuss the impact of my work on those users. While it’s important for engineering and user experience teams to interface at every company, at Trifacta it…

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Data + Experience Design

December 5, 2013

“Oh, you’re a designer? What are you doing at Strata?” The question was asked without any animosity, just genuine curiosity. He couldn’t fathom why any designer would be at an enterprise-centric big data conference. Design is often thought of as the last coat of paint that someone might put on a product to  dress it…

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